A Reconnection Of Sorts…


Flatiron BuildingHuh? Yes, there is a direct connection somewhere in this post. Well, I just finished an excellent book, The Devil In The White City. Have you read it?

Well, the chief architect of Chicago’s Worlds Fair was a man named Daniel Burnham and as I’m reading the book I know I know that name from somewhere…. so I get to the end and there’s a reference to Burnham and the Faltiron Building… bingo! One of the brain cells reconnects and I remember that he was also the architect of this NYC landmark.

As I said in an earlier post about the Flatiron Building there’s not too many unique perspectives that haven’t been posted on the net and out of the one’s I’ve taken I think I like this one best. However, I was given another possible vantage point that I have yet to see a shot from so maybe on my next visit I can get to that spot. So stay tuned……fingers crossed!

In the processing I initially tried a B+W, then a Sepia and didn’t like any of them so I decided to create a retro look the split-toning module in Lightroom. I think I did it justice.

9 thoughts on “A Reconnection Of Sorts…

  1. So glad to see another view of this wonderful building. I too love the processing that you chose and the view of the city dwellers all hurrying to wherever they need to be.

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