Are You Social….

Black and White

Social AnimalNot that I shoot horses all that often but each time I have I’ve found that, in general, they are very social creatures. Every time I approach a fence with several horses inevitably more than one horses walks my way. They seem to be sensing who I am and whats my purpose. They have no problem with me pointing the one eyed monster their way and they almost seem to be posing.

How about you? What is your first reaction when the camera is turned your way? Do you engage it or find any reason to avoid it? As photographers how can we use this to our advantage?

I came across this article on Zite….I think this can help us all become more social regardless of the side of the camera you stand. Hope you enjoy it….


5 thoughts on “Are You Social….

  1. A beautiful black and white portrait. I am probably considered anti social…I see a camera point my way and I turn around…I would much rather be behind the lens! I am heading over now to read your article!

  2. Beautifully composed and framed. That horse has a very nice soft eye and you can tell he’s keeping his eye on you because his ear is pointed your way.

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