Get’em In…

Coastal Scenes, Nature, Weather

With the coldest weather imminently upon us the casual boater/fisherman will take any opportunity to get out and enjoy the Atlantic. Boat traffic slows down quite significantly in these parts of the US.

On this past weekend conditions at the beach were just ideal for fisherman and photographers alike.

With the volume of boats leaving the Manasquan Inlet it was just a matter of time before a boat would emerge just as the sun cleared the horizon.

All I needed was my own timing of pressing the shutter as the speeding boat passes in front of the sunrise. Boy, did I get lucky!

Chasing the Sun

I’m not looking forward to the winter months here in New Jersey. Forty degrees, wet and windy are not my ideal outdoor conditions. On a more positive side, I’ve just read an article that suggests weather conditions in the morning and late afternoon are more conducive to dramatic skies in the colder months. I guess I’ll be outside anyway so stay tuned.


Mainly in Lightroom with adjustments to highlights and shadows. Graduated filter applied to the sky and foreground. Finally, a bit of sharpening.

Bringing Back the Old… Part 2…


I haven’t been out taking many photos lately (and that bothers me) so I’ve decided to jettison dozens of photos taken over the years and as I’m doing this I’m wondering why I’ve ever saved them to begin with.

This shot is not one of them. In fact, I’ve rediscovered many shots of these fox that made me wonder why I didn’t do anything with them.

This guy were so accommodating that it was almost difficult not to take a good shot. I’ve struggled mainly with a proper composition and finally decided to go with this long and narrow view.


Do you like the composition? The sky was very blah , grey and no detail in the clouds so I decided to crop the sky out.

I have a few more and will add them soon to the blog. Thanks again for visiting and please share if you’d like…..

Bringing Back the Old…

Post Processing

I took this shot just over five years ago during a Scott Kelby photowalk. One of my favorite shots from Asbury Park mainly for it’s connection of the town to it’s music scene.

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, next to Bruce Springteen, is one of Asbury’s iconic musicians. Many a night was spent watching these guys perform at The Stone Pony.

The first picture is the original shot straight out of my Canon Rebel XTI…


Not much to look at but I’m glad I saved the original and order to process it with more contemporary software.

In this second shot I utilized Analog Efex Pro 2 and then Topaz Impression to create this rendering…


Today’s software is truly incredible when it comes to rendering infinite versions of an original photo.

Do you process older photos with newer software? Would love to see them, leave link in the comments section below.

Lighting an Antique Chevrolet Truck (in the dark)…


…is not an easy task. In fact I destroyed my softbox in the process.

I am very fortunate to live in an area of New Jersey where farmland is still abundant. In fact, right down the street from my house is a piece of property that has two barns that date back to the mid 1800’s. I recently noticed that one of these barns house’s a 1930’s Chevrolet pick-up truck. I was immediately determined to photograph this beauty!

After receiving permission from the owner to shoot I finally made my way over to give it a whirl.

With the truck in the barn I was limited to shooting from just a few perspectives which in turn made it quite complex to light correctly. Made worse by the fact that it’s my first time using my lighting equipment outside, in the wind.

Here’s the results and I’ll explain the lighting set-up down below…


As darkness was approaching I had the challenge of getting enough light into the barn without illuminating every detail inside, while getting focused light on the truck to accentuate it’s features.

By trail and error (quite a few I may add) I lit this as follows…

  • My main light was a speedlight attached to my tripod utilizing a Rogue flashbender. It was held by me directly overhead to illuminate the top of the truck.
  • A second speedlight was attached to my lightstand (which was available only because my softbox blew over, even with sandbags, and broke the aluminum rod) and was positioned knee high in front of the grill.
  • I focused my camera by lighting the truck with a flashlight app on my smartphone.
  • And finally I set my camera to a ten second delay to allow me enough time to pick up the other flash and get it positioned.

I think I get just enough separation of the truck from the deep interior of the barn buy positioning the overhead light just right. This took about half a dozen tries.

Now I have to decide which softbox to get to replace the one I destroyed in the process. Oh, the life of a photographer!

Never Released Photo…

Beach Scenes

Can’t believe we’re going on 3 years since the most destructive hurricane hit New Jersey. There were so many compelling stories as the weeks went by.. we witnessed people evacuating houses, miles of boardwalk washed away, power out for weeks in some neighborhoods and then the story of the Jet Star Roller Coaster at Seaside Heights boardwalk falling into the Atlantic Ocean.

Wow, it was crazy! In fact, a day after the storm, we were learning what was going on in NJ (via cell phone) from a friend that was in Portugal. They were getting more news and pictures than we were here in central Jersey.


Limited edition prints are available!

If interested please email me at



So, earlier this year I promised myself I’d start photographing more people and I’ve held up pretty well on the promise.

This is from a quick, fifteen minute, session from yesterday.

Single softbox, directly over the camera. Additionally I put a flash directly behind my niece to get a bit of gradient light.


Had some hot spots on the forehead, nose and cheeks. I used a technique that I’ve never used before, it invoked the eye dropper tool and a solid color layer, inverting the mask and then painting in color on the spots. It worked well!

Also used a new technique to eliminate a bunch of stray hairs which did the trick.

I also used OnOne’s Perfect Photo Portrait to refine the skin. Didn’t use much as she has beautiful skin.

Thanks Alyssa!

Fall Is In The Air…


Went out to Pa. this past weekend to George Childs Park. There are some fantastic water falls that are great to photograph in the fall months.

Here’s a few from that spot…..


I wasn’t sure which composition I liked so I’m including both. Locations in this area of the falls was limited and this was the best I could get from that spot…


I think this might be the last weekend before the color starts to disappear, hope I can get out one more time before the looooong winter. UGH!