What Lures You…..

Beach Scenes

I’ve always been one who will get up early, whatever the season, whether it be to play golf or grab the camera and head to the beach. The relative calmness of the morning allows me to concentrate on making a putt or composing the shot.

This morning I woke at 4:30am and headed down to the beach, the roads were quiet, the beach was quiet. Just the way I like it.


Not much color this am so I converted this shot to B+W and it sure made it pop with contrast. It’s shots like these that lure me out of bed at ungodly hours. The wife thinks I’m wacked:)

So, what lures you out of bed?

What I’m listening to…

What I’m reading now

Before and After Headshot…


It’s been awhile since my last post and also my last headshot. I purchased a softbox from ebay and I used Mother’s Day to get a few unassuming victims.

I have to say I REALLY like the result of this shot and a few others that I’ll post in due time. Certainly the shot didn’t come out perfect out of the camera but still a few adjusts and bingo….



Single softbox directly overhead center

f8, 1/60, iso 100




1. Crop to square.

2. Spot removal in Lightroom.

3. Color temp. adjustment.

4. Export to Perfect Portrait 9 in OnOne Software

5. Skin tone adjustments

6. Back into LR and add radial filter for vignette.

I tried to fix the nose issue on camera right but with no luck. If anyone has any ideas on how to do it please let me know.


What I’m listening to…

What I’m reading now…

Remember Hootie… Cars, Music and Photography Project


It’s been a while since I updated my personal project (Cars, Music and Photography) gallery so here is one of my favorite newest bits of music.

He used to be the main man in Hootie and the Blowfish and was quite successful back in the day.

Darius Rucker has made quite a name for himself in the country genre and here is his latest cd called Southern Style.


The song I really like is called You Can Have Charleston so go ahead check it out , you might like it.


Basic tonal adjustments in Lightroom and then went to the newest version of OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 9.5 to replace the background

A Guys Gotta Eat You Know…

Beach Scenes

So, the Capt. Gavin has been sitting on the beach in Point Pleasant, New Jersey for 3 days now and the captain has been on the boat since it’s fateful beaching on Wednesday morning.

When I was there on Wednesday afternoon one of the deckhands that was allowed to disembark from the boat delivered some food for the captain.

At first I was baffled as to how this food would find it’s way on deck considering the boat was being constantly battered by 6 to 8 foot waves, low and behold the captain presented a ingenious idea….


After watching a few of these fishing reality shows on television I should of had no doubt that a very basic idea could solve the problem presented..

My understanding is that the boat will be pulled off the beach tomorrow after all the fuel is jettisoned and the next high tide allows a tug boat to do it’s thing.

A great video showing the event can be found here.

I Woke Up this Morning and Found…

Beach Scenes, Black and White

…out that a fishing boat had ran aground in Point Pleasant.

After my daughters softball game I decided to take the short ride to see if the boat had been removed from the beach. It had not so I battled the weather to get a few shots…


At 77ft long this ship was a pretty imposing site wedged at the edge of the shoreline being battered by the storm force winds.

I had a shot in my mind and was wondering of the weather was going to allow me to take a long exposure without the Capt. Gavin moving. As a safeguard I took two shots, one with a fast shutter speed to catch the boat motionless and then a second with my 6 stop ND filter to get the milky look of the water. Surprisingly, even at fifteen seconds the boat was pretty still…


Apparently the boat lost power at 5am this morning and headed towards the beach. No one was injured amongst the 3 on-board. Spoke with a deck hand during my visit and witnessed him bringing food to the crew still on board. More on that later…


Converted to B+W in LR, added contrast in Color Efex Pro and vignette in LR as well.

So Many Small Wonders In Such A Big Place…


New York City can certainly be quite overwhelming from a visual standpoint. As a photographer I’ve decided that each time I go in I will pay closer attention to the smaller details that really makes NYC the greatest city in the world.

I’ve sat on this shot for quite some time for it seemed to be just an average shot until I started to look at the detail work in the facade of this architectural masterpiece.

A creative crop and the incorporation of the Creamtone makes this quite the presentable photo of the library.

Loriana 17th-88