Play ball…


It started in the Jackie Robinson rotunda….


I couldn’t stop looking at this shot of Jackie himself… wow what a picture…


Our next experience at Citifield, the home of the NY Mets, took us through the concourse…


And then to the field, our seats were perfect, just out of the rain…

IMG_1012 IMG_1029hdr IMG_1057

Unfortunately the game was postponed after 6 innings due to rain but as we were running back to the car I managed to get this shot…..


The shot I envisioned for years before our visit.

This last shot is for sale in limited quantities so if your interested in a print please comment in the section below.

Who Are You Looking At?


A little work with some lighting yesterday for this self-portrait.

I’ve been able to obtain a few lighting accessories that make this self portrait stuff a bit easier. I used 2 Yongnuo 560 III flashes, a Yongnuo YN 560 tx master transmitter and the Yongnuo RF603 II wireless triggers. Not the most elegant equipment available but it gets the job done.

I produced this with a softbox on camera left and a off camera flash aimed at the wall behind me….


And then used Perfect Photo Suite to produce this…


Definitely got the look as I envisioned it, Terminator like.

Scenes From Washington Square Park…

Street Photography

A reader commented a few posts ago about photographing strangers in public places and the possible dangers associated with it. I understood his concern but I’ve also come to believe most people don’t mind having their picture taken when the photographer has the correct approach.

In the following shots I was strolling around Washington Square Park in lower Manhattan. If you’ve ever been there you know it’s a great place to people watch. And believe it or not, many of the people here actually want to be photographed and if I wasn’t sure I’d just give them a friendly nod with the camera and they either posed or not…

With so much action in and around the park even a big guy like myself can go unnoticed when maneuvering correctly. I managed to get these final shots on the down low and are my favorite of the bunch…



So, I propose a assignment for all my readers. Go out this week to a gathering place in your neck of the woods and snap a gaggle of photos of the people there and try to take at least one shot of someone you had to ask. I would love to see your results and read about your experiences.

Greetings From Chinatown…

Street Photography

A recent trek to NYC included a fantastic experience in Columbus Park, centrally located in the heart of Chinatown, near the lower east side of Manhattan.

If you’ve never been I highly recommend it. It will be an experience you’ll never forget.


The Chinese culture is alive within the park in many ways. From music, to playing cards to Chinese Chess. It has it all….


All games included quite a gathering of onlookers, intent on finding an outcome…


But nothing compares to the faces of the Chinese people. Most times intense, often expressionless but also quite jovial and animated…

What I’m reading now.

What I’m listening to.

What Lures You…..

Beach Scenes

I’ve always been one who will get up early, whatever the season, whether it be to play golf or grab the camera and head to the beach. The relative calmness of the morning allows me to concentrate on making a putt or composing the shot.

This morning I woke at 4:30am and headed down to the beach, the roads were quiet, the beach was quiet. Just the way I like it.


Not much color this am so I converted this shot to B+W and it sure made it pop with contrast. It’s shots like these that lure me out of bed at ungodly hours. The wife thinks I’m wacked:)

So, what lures you out of bed?

What I’m listening to…

What I’m reading now