No, It’s Not Flat…

Architecture, HDR

Flatiron BuildingThe Flatiron Building was first on my NYC bucket list of landmarks to photograph on our last trip a few weeks ago. My eyes got real wide when we turned the corner onto 5th avenue, wow what a unique building. I had done some research through The Photographers Ephemeris on the position of the sun at different times that afternoon and realized it was going to be in a difficult position in the sky at best. After looking at a few websites about optimal locations to shoot I choose a southern section of Madison Square Park. I think the is one of two locations to shoot from at midday. This shot is almost impossible during the warmer months as these trees are still retaining their leaves, totally obscuring the building.

A while back I posted the idea of hosting a hangout over at Google+, of which there are a few of us who have become members. If your not familiar with it it’s a social media site focused on photographers (well, sort of) anyway they have a feature, similar to skype, where you can host a hangout (video conference). I would love to invite you all to a hangout in the next week or so. Let me know if your interested, we will talk all things photography and ultimately have some fun. It could become the most worldly camera club meeting in the world. We do have people in the challenge from all parts of the planet. Let me know, I’m looking forward to it!


11 thoughts on “No, It’s Not Flat…

  1. I think you choose the perfect perspective for this highly unique building…it really shows off how narrow the building is! Very cool!

  2. Cool shot, Mike. I think your research paid off. I love these flatiron buildings and think they are such a great use of the available space. Would like to go inside one someday.

    I’ve never done a hangout but would be game to try. I’m shy though, so don’t count on me to carry the conversational weight! 😉

  3. Fab shot of a lovely old building. The light is simply gorgeous.

    I do G+, but I dont do the hangout. Maybe a photography circle in there would work almost as well as a hangout?

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