About This Site

Welcome to How I See by Attanasio Imagery

This site was created 5 years ago by Michael Attanasio as a way to showcase photos as part of a 365 photo project with the fine folks over at Elements Village. Since then How I See It has been transformed, several times, into what you see today.

About Michael Attanasio

Mr. Attanasio’s hobby quickly turned into a passion and 6 years later his work has garnished several awards and his photos have been included in publications from the Pediment Publishing Group.

Where Can You Find Photos From Attanasio Imagery?

Other than on this site, you can follow imagery from Michael Attanasio on Flickr, 500pix, HDR Spotting, Twitter, Fine Art America and Facebook. Direct links to these sites can be accessed from the top of this page.

Are photos from Attanasio Imagery available for purchase?

Yes, my prints can be purchased for personal use in homes, offices and websites. See contact information below.

How Can You Contact Attanasio Imagery?

Email at mattafoto@gmail.com

Phone at 732-616-3741


20 thoughts on “About This Site

    1. That was in a fit of rage when I wrote that because I couldn’t size my pictures properly. Thanks for the heads-up

  1. Thanks for sharing your equipment/software, I’ve had a Canon 20D for…too long…and am overdue for a big upgrade. Your photos are just terrific, and I plan to stop by often to be inspired and let you know what I see.

  2. Great photos1 I’m in NY as I speak and just shot about 150+ pics at the Cloisters. All AEB -2 to +2 with a D70. I’ll process with Photomatix and Topaz when I ger back home. I’m also working on my WP blog and hope to post them in the near future. I’ll keep checking your blog!

  3. Another great image!!

    Mike, do you have any other Sigma lenses? My DBF is looking at their 150-500mm to do some birding and wonder if you had any experience with their telephoto lenses?

  4. Hi, I really like one of the photos that is in the Capture, The Real Jersey Shore book: Blue on White Freehold Boro. I actually contacted the publisher to see if I could purchase the picture – I’d like to enlarge it and frame it.

  5. I’m really surprised by your work, It is unbelievable that you able to capture these HDR images with the Canon XTi. I owns Canon XT and Canon 7D but I need to upgrade to high quality glass cause this is what really make the images shine and photographer her/himself to make it fantastic. This blog can help people understand that buying expensive cameras doesn’t make better picture, the truth is behind the glass. Keep taking it!

      1. Your shots of the ocean and the shore are fabulous :), but all have originality and empathy with light!

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