How Do You Get People to a Fishing Flea Market…..

Architecture, Local History


Of course…. you lure them in!

The convention hall in Asbury Park has hosted many big names in the music business since the late 50’s. The Stones, Black Sabbath, The Beach Boys, and most recently has been associated with Bruce Springsteen for many years. I also just learned that Led Zeppelin played here after rejecting an offer to play Woodstock. Certainly a big name in the music world for a long time!

Well, on this day, a fishing flea market was the big draw and they were lined up 50 deep to get in off to the right of this shot.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.


Single shot exported to Topaz Adjust and I utilized one of the HDR presets to bring out the details in the shadows. Imported back into LR and used 2 graduated brushes to “burn” the right and left edges.


You Can’t Believe….


St. Catherine's   …the detail of the artistry inside St. Catherine’s Church at the Jersey Shore.

Haven’t been inside this church in quite a few years and they commissioned restorers from Europe about 8 years ago and wow have they done an outstanding job to bring this church back to perfection.

I was out showing a photographer friend some of the sites done here at the shore and we decided to see if we could take a look. Well, upon entry I saw David’s eyes get real BIG he instantly decided to go back and get his tripod, I did not, and I regret it. Although I plan on going back very soon to do this place justice I managed this handheld single exposure by leaning against a wall. I think you’ll agree, just beautiful!

Processed in Lightroom and Color Efex Pro.

Shooting Iconic Places…..

Architecture, Black and White

Do you have any of those must shoot, iconic places or landmarks close to home? One of those places you’ve photographed a hundred times? Well I think we all do and as much as we hate to go back to those places again and again, we go anyway.

This is one of those places, the famous Casino Building in Asbury Park, NJ. It’s a shell (literally) of it’s former self but people still come from all over just to get a glimpse of some of the fascinating history here in Monmouth County. Just last week when I was shooting here a mother and daughter approached me asking a variety of questions about this building and the town next door, Ocean Grove. They were from New Hampshire.

Casino BuildingSo what approach do you take when visiting a place like this in your “neck of the woods”. I recently found a couple of articles on shooting these such places and the most consistent recommendation was to shoot at non-traditional angles, at non-typical hours, and under extreme environmental conditions. All designed to capture these familiar places in the most nontraditional manner.

I can’t say that I captured all of those suggestions in this shot, but my intent was to present something rather unique for an all to familiar subject. Now I know for most of my viewers this scene is fairly new to you but I’ve posted shots of this landmark several times before. They can be seen here and here. Unique enough?

So, what about you? Have one of these iconic landmarks in your neck of the woods? Why not share it with us by posting a link in the comments section for all to see? Would love to see it!

52 Week Theme Song…. Got My Mind Set On You…

52 Week Theme Project, Architecture


NYC2012-18-2 On this trip to NYC I definitely had intent to visit the famous architectural landmark in the flatiron district. There’s been thousands of shots of this Flatiron Building but that didn’t matter to me. I would put my own spin on it and it would be mine.

The shot above is from the original raw capture. Basic Lightroom adjustments were made, mainly vibrance, clarity and highlight recovery for the sky. Below is my secondary take on the building. I utilized Topaz Simplify to create something unique. In the future I will call on OnOne’s Photo Suite for another version.