Happy New Year! 2018

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Wow, it’s been awhile! With the new year upon us I ventured over to my blog from many moons ago( Feb 2017 to be exact)…. maybe I’ll give it a whirl at writing and documenting my photography travels. Hope you check back to see where I’m going.

2018... Lets begin the Journey!

Happy New Year!

Vintage Jersey Shore…

Architecture, Beach Scenes, Local History

Believe it or not there’s quite a bit of history regarding the “Jersey Shore” besides the infamous reality show of the same name.

Below is a picture(on right) of Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ. It was built in 1929 by the same architects of Grand Central Station, as an exhibition center and still provides the same services today.

The Hall has hosted events such as the first NY Friars Club meeting in 1930 to concerts featuring Led Zeppelin to the Rolling Stones, in the 70’s.

In this shot I’ve tried to present a “vintage” look commemorating the halls iconic history here at the “Jersey Shore”.


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Come On, Get Up and Out!

Beach Scenes, Black and White, Coastal Scenes

Yeah, that’s right… you’re getting an extra hour of darkness in the mornings and with that you can capture some serious sunrises.

A favorite spot of mine, Ocean Grove pier, is a wonderful spot to catch the early morning splendor of the sun breaking the horizon.

On this given morning I was the only soul around. It was calm, quiet and the sound of the ocean breaking near the shore was music to my ears.


Here’s another shot from this morning in black and white…


Well, it would be great to see you out there in the wee hours of the morn but if you decide to stay under the covers…. I’m okay with that too.

Never Released Photo…

Beach Scenes

Can’t believe we’re going on 3 years since the most destructive hurricane hit New Jersey. There were so many compelling stories as the weeks went by.. we witnessed people evacuating houses, miles of boardwalk washed away, power out for weeks in some neighborhoods and then the story of the Jet Star Roller Coaster at Seaside Heights boardwalk falling into the Atlantic Ocean.

Wow, it was crazy! In fact, a day after the storm, we were learning what was going on in NJ (via cell phone) from a friend that was in Portugal. They were getting more news and pictures than we were here in central Jersey.


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Dealing with Harsh Weather…

Beach Scenes

A week ago I blogged about  my photographic week and many of the shots I posted were a result of some crazy weather we were having and those shots showed how it impacts the beaches here in New Jersey.

I certainly don’t like the devastating results of these storms on the beaches close to my home but it certainly makes for great photography.

Last week a combination of strong winds, high tide and full moon made for some extraordinary surf. Only the best surfers come out in these conditions and I’m glad I caught some of the action.


The waves were big but quite unorganized yet it didn’t stop this pro from work’in it…


I look at some of these shots and try to envision myself atop these masses of water and ultimately I’m glad I’m standing where I am…


Finally, just before I was about to leave, this guy showed up and I got what I think is the “shot of the day”…


With the arrival of a nor’easter today and possibly Hurricane Joaquin a day or so later I hope to be able to photograph more of the harsh weather and show it to you up close and personal….. Stay tuned!