Before And After…



Well, I’ve given it a try with a video tutorial on my tonemapping workflow. I’ve chosen the above photo for the simple fact that it’s a fairly straightforward conversion on a rather mundane scene. I utilize Photomatix and Lightroom to process this picture and the footage shows my work in each program.

I would appreciate your feedback on the video, please feel free to put your 2 cents into the comment box on the presentation. You can hammer me if you’d like as criticism will only make me better at these tutorials. I apologize for the fact that you have to move to Youtube to see the video but it’s my only way to present the screencast at this point. Please click on this link to view the video.

Please come back here to the blog and give me your thoughts. Thanks and enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Before And After…

  1. Thoroughly entertaining and informative Mike. Only having the plugin, I use the Plugin Extras to access it and don’t have the control that the full program affords you, so I may have to do slightly more back in lightroom. I loved that you quantified your tonemapping amounts. Also I am only just now coming to grips with the adjustment Brush in LR and was very interested in your techniques. The only improvement I can think of is (as a finishing point) I would hit the y key and show a before and after comparison which I have seen Matt Koslowski use to great effect and which I like. So marks out of 10, sorry but I can’t award more than 9.75. Your old pupil Ron.

  2. Nice, simple scene. Being able to see how you created your final image is a bonus. Thanks for posting the video. It’s easy to understand your step-by-step tutorial. I bookmarked it!!

  3. I am probably going to be referring back to this video many times….thanks for including it on your blog, and thanks for giving away your secrets!

  4. Great lesson, Mike! My process is very similar to yours, but you taught me some new tricks: clicking and dragging on the image to adjust Tone Curves and using the color picker to adjust saturation. Your screencast service works very well – good audio quality and video quality, too.

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