From There to Here…


This past June we had the great pleasure of cruising aboard the Norwegian Breakaway from New York City to Bermuda. I first cruised 30+ years ago and didn’t recall the experience of sailing in and out of New York Harbor from that trip so I made it a point to get up early during our return to capture the sights.

As I stood near the bow of the ship I tried to place myself as one of the 12 million immigrants that arrived in America many years ago. What an experience it must have been.

I hope these pictures give you an idea of this experience……

Here we are approaching the Verrazzano Bridge. Named after the ltalian explorer who declared this area a lake in the early 1500’s.


Here our 17 story cruise ship narrowly makes it under the said named bridge…


Next we start to get a glimpse of the entrance to New York harbor….




No need to explain this gorgeous sight…


As we cruise towards the dock we pass Jersey City to our west and see the last of our sights from the cruise….


Our vacation will terminate at the ships terminal on pier 88.


My NYC Workflow…


I loved this scene the second that I stood in the middle the street. There was quite a bit going on here and I wanted to capture the hustle and bustle of New York City during the holiday season.

In the unprocessed shot there’s chaos… cars, people, lights, buildings, signage and some sky. The problem, no real focal point…


I set out to create a photo that contains the individual elements of the scene but directs the viewer to a more concrete subject. Can you guess the main subject of the shot?

I’ll take you through my workflow as concise as possible. I used quite a few pieces of software in my quest to bring out the main subject in the scene…

1. I dropped 3 bracketed shots into Photomatix and then into Color Efex Pro and got this…


2. I worked it some more in Analog Efex Pro 2 adding  zoom bokeh and got this…


3. Finally, I worked it a bit more in LR and then added a painterly effect in Topaz Impression and ended with this… if you click below the preview and it will take you to a bigger, high quality image on my website.

Anything But Little…


Little NYCNew York City is anything but little but I still had to try a tilt-shift effect on this shot.

I feel like this scene lends itself to the effect with it’s straight lines from a vertical and horizontal perspective. Blurring the top and bottom of the shot really helps with the illusion.

What about you? Do you see the effect?

Processing included work in LR, PPS9, PSE10

I Love This Kid…..


IMG_4075I can’t believe I just spent an hour at the gym teaching her how to workout. Wasn’t I just feeding her a bottle?

52 Week Theme Song…. Got My Mind Set On You…

52 Week Theme Project, Architecture


NYC2012-18-2 On this trip to NYC I definitely had intent to visit the famous architectural landmark in the flatiron district. There’s been thousands of shots of this Flatiron Building but that didn’t matter to me. I would put my own spin on it and it would be mine.

The shot above is from the original raw capture. Basic Lightroom adjustments were made, mainly vibrance, clarity and highlight recovery for the sky. Below is my secondary take on the building. I utilized Topaz Simplify to create something unique. In the future I will call on OnOne’s Photo Suite for another version.



52 Week Theme Song…. Beautiful Day (U2)

52 Week Theme Project

IMG_3843I’m participating in a 52 week challenge with the wonderful folks over @ Elements Village. The themes, as you may have figured, are based on songs from a variety of musical genres. If you’d like to participate head on over to join in.

So you may be asking what’s the connection between St. Patrick’s Cathedral and U2’s Beautiful Day? Well, what do you think? Take a guess and post it in the comments section. I will reveal in my next post…….

I’ll Be Right Back…


That was the line I used during our visit to Bryant Park when my daughters were waiting in line to go skating. And as you can see it’s never just a quick visit (at the NYC Public Library) with a camera in my hand. You see, there is so much eye candy at this place you can’t help but keep snapping. Every time I go back I’m looking for new subjects and new angles to capture this gorgeous building. Oh yeah, I made it back just as they got on the ice:)

With 2013 coming to an end I would like to thank everyone who took time to peruse my sight. I know time is generally not on everyone’s side so I appreciate you using some of it to visit my little piece of the net. I wish all of you a happy and healthy new year!