Keep Your Eye On The Finished Product…

Architecture, HDR

_MG_6591_90_89-Edit-EditIf you haven’t noticed I’ve been a bit absent the last few weeks as we are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and that has occupied much of my time. Today I am home from work as the floor guys are here to finish installing the hardwood floor. It looks beautiful so far. These guys work very hard!

Much of the last few weeks have been filled with many questions and decisions to be made, changes to layouts, appliances to buy, etc, etc. Sometimes it’s a big blur but everyone always says that you need to keep imagining the finished product, it’s sucks when your going through it but when it’s done it’s always worth it.

This shot kind of reminds me of this process we are experiencing at the moment. Much of the details are blurred along the way but when you reach your destination what you envisioned will be in full view…….I hope so!


High Dynamic Range….


HDRIf there ever was a scene that demanded a bracketed approach

There’s A Lot Going On …

Architecture, HDR

NYC Public LibraryInside the NYC Public Library. Not just the people, not just the publications, just take a look at the decor in the main reading room on the 3rd floor. I was memorized by that ceiling and you can see why, just click on the picture for a larger view.

Haven’t had much time to get out and shoot so I’ll be spreading out a few of my recent shots. You know…softball season, college searching, all the stuff that gets in the way! Yeah, there’s a lot going on!

Add This To The Publications…

Architecture, HDR

NYC Public LibraryNot only are there millions of publications at the NY Public Library but turn any corner and you will undoubtedly find numerous photographers shooting any of the ornate details in this wonderful building. Every time I go back I find more and more features to shoot.

Do you find yourself going back to places that fascinate you visually? Dumb question but I’d be interested in hearing and seeing some of your favorite places. Place a link to some shots from this place for all to see.

Things Are Looking Up……


Absecon LighthouseI’ve noticed that it’s getting darker later and with February a short month I have my eye on shooting more. It’s always at this time of year I get cabin fever. Getting out early is almost impossible due to freezing temperatures and shooting after work isn’t doable due to early sunsets so March is looking better and better.

What about you, how do you manage to get out and shoot during these shorter days? Let us know.

On another note, if you were ever interested in seeing a gallery of HDR’s I’ve produced certainly you can click the tab at the top but you can also see my work over at HDR Spotting. I get quite a bit of hits over there, so go ahead and check it out.

My First Time….

52 Week Theme Project

My First...Do you remember your first time????? The first time you posted a photo on the net? I can’t quite remember the first but this is the oldest shot I placed on Flickr. I submitted this shot to a theme contest on the Photography On The Net forum and I got a 2nd place award. I’ve been hooked ever since!

I learned quite a bit from the people over at that forum and I thank them for letting me in. Shortly after that I discovered the Elements Village forum and you guys have carried me from then on, for that I thank all of you.

So do you remember your first time? I am interested in seeing your first photography post on the net. I think it would be pretty interesting to see where we’ve all come from, so insert a link into your comment post from your first time. I look forward to your submissions.

Look At What $500,000 Would Get You…


Lambert Castle…in the year 1891. An old English Castle on top of your own mountain. This is Lambert Castle in Paterson, NJ. and it was built in 1891 by a very successful silk entrepreneur, Catholena Lambert.

I’m really happy with the way this HDR is rendered. I ended up blending part of a original raw file with the tone-mapped image for a more realistic look. In a nutshell, 80% of the castle facade is from the original file. Click on the preview for a large rendition, it’s worth it.

Thanks for looking.

It is now a museum