From There to Here…


This past June we had the great pleasure of cruising aboard the Norwegian Breakaway from New York City to Bermuda. I first cruised 30+ years ago and didn’t recall the experience of sailing in and out of New York Harbor from that trip so I made it a point to get up early during our return to capture the sights.

As I stood near the bow of the ship I tried to place myself as one of the 12 million immigrants that arrived in America many years ago. What an experience it must have been.

I hope these pictures give you an idea of this experience……

Here we are approaching the Verrazzano Bridge. Named after the ltalian explorer who declared this area a lake in the early 1500’s.


Here our 17 story cruise ship narrowly makes it under the said named bridge…


Next we start to get a glimpse of the entrance to New York harbor….




No need to explain this gorgeous sight…


As we cruise towards the dock we pass Jersey City to our west and see the last of our sights from the cruise….


Our vacation will terminate at the ships terminal on pier 88.


A Few Steps Away…

HDR, Themed 365 Project

Sandy Hook SunriseFrom the scene of my last post I found this tree and it just needed to be included in the shot. At Fort Hancock on Sandy Hook there is just so much to see and shoot you literally need a few days to see it all.

One of the unique aspects of this location is that you can get dramatic shots during sunrise, the New York harbor is to the east and then 12 hours or so later you can get great sunset shots to the west in Sandy Hook bay. Here is an example in a shot from a while back.Sandy Hook Bay