Another Exciting Series….

Series For Sale

A week or so ago I posted about the progress of my monster truck series here . This morning, over on my Facebook page, I announced an offer for another new series of Fine Art greeting cards. I’m really excited about both of these projects but I’m very excited about the first production of these greeting cards. The first batch include shots from my area of New Jersey, the Jersey Shore.

These cards are produced on high quality card stock and include matching envelopes. If you have any interest please click on the link above or please FB PM me or email me @

Here’s a look at the first three in the series….

As always, thanks for stopping by and please feel free to share this exciting news!!!

Something a Little Different…

Digital Art, Post Processing

I’m always looking to create something new and different to separate myself from the crowd.

When Topaz Impression became available I had to take a look at it. It didn’t take too long before I fell in love with the program.

Basically this program will turn your photographs into digital art. It incorporates a couple of dozen presets ranging from the most recognizable impressionists to the newest in modern art techniques.

In this piece I utilized the Impasto preset to give this Jersey Shore icon a painterly look…


Look for more of these types of digital art from us here at Attanasio Imagery. As always, all photos are for sale. If interested please contact us directly. Thanks for looking!

Dealing with Harsh Weather…

Beach Scenes

A week ago I blogged about  my photographic week and many of the shots I posted were a result of some crazy weather we were having and those shots showed how it impacts the beaches here in New Jersey.

I certainly don’t like the devastating results of these storms on the beaches close to my home but it certainly makes for great photography.

Last week a combination of strong winds, high tide and full moon made for some extraordinary surf. Only the best surfers come out in these conditions and I’m glad I caught some of the action.


The waves were big but quite unorganized yet it didn’t stop this pro from work’in it…


I look at some of these shots and try to envision myself atop these masses of water and ultimately I’m glad I’m standing where I am…


Finally, just before I was about to leave, this guy showed up and I got what I think is the “shot of the day”…


With the arrival of a nor’easter today and possibly Hurricane Joaquin a day or so later I hope to be able to photograph more of the harsh weather and show it to you up close and personal….. Stay tuned!

Are You a Beach Lover?

Beach Scenes

Had an interesting conversation with a woman at the beach in Hilton Head, South Carolina. We were conversing about our backgrounds, were we on a vacation, etc. and she then asked where I was from (she was from Ohio). I told her New Jersey and she looked at me confused and said, “Why are you here, you have beaches in New Jersey”?

Well, I did have to stop for a second and think about it….. in fact earlier in the day my wife and I were just having a discussion of which state had nicer beaches and we strongly agreed that NJ had much more beautiful beaches than South Carolina.

Yes (IMHO), to my eye, the beaches are much nicer in New Jersey (sand texture, sand color, ocean front homes, etc). .

However, when captured through the lens of a camera, South Carolina’s beaches are also visually appealing…..




I guess, when it comes down to it, when you’re a beach lover, any beach will do.

Is HDR Photography Dead? (TBT)


I remember when I couldn’t get enough of Trey Ratcliff and his HDR work. In fact, 80-90% of my own work was tone-mapped and my go-to software was Photomatix or Topaz Adjust.

I can’t even remember the last time I visited sites like HDR Creme or HDR Spotting ( I just had to Google it because I couldn’t remember it). It’s not that I don’t like it anymore. I still bracket shots on occasion. I guess I’ve just moved on….

Well, here’s to moving on…… my first tone-mapped image in many moons.


I got up @ 4:30 am  to shoot the sunrise and that was a bust but this was my first capture of the day. Nothing great, bracketed the Belmar Fishing Club building for old time sake. Had to decide which software to use… Topaz, Photomatix or Nik. Went with Nik and now I remember why I liked tone-mapping so much. Look at that sky… Wow!

What about you? Are you over the HDR craze? What was your last tone-mapped shot? Would love to see it. Post a link in the comments section for all to see.