Have You Been Inspired Lately?

Still Life

For a few weeks I was lacking the inspiration to go shooting. I had that mindset that I’ve been to these places so many times, what the hell am I going to shoot? Nothing but the same….

Well this feeling quickly left me after watching a few posts by Joel Grimes. He was posting about a new endeavor, photographing still life. He showed an amazing grid of flowers. Specifically nine shots of vibrant flowers arranged in a grid. My first reaction was wow! It was gorgeous. A variety of floral arrangements with bright, complimentary backgrounds.

My second reaction was- that’s got to be hard to photograph those “fake” flowers and make them so lifelike. I began to study each arrangement and thought that I might be able to pull it off. It can’t be that expensive to obtain a few flowers, right?

Finally I had to think about my photoshop skills and did I have the ability to pull it off in post? I gave it a shot and now I’m starting a series of fine art still lifes.

Here is one of my first five produced…… I really like it!


I’ve done a bunch of binge watching of photoshop videos on blending and layers and grouping and that has helped quite a bit.

This is available for print in a variety of sizes. Please contact me if your interested in improving the decor in your home. Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, I’m glad I found inspiration in Joel’s creation, thanks Joel!


Join Me at the Magnolia Plantation…..


Our travels last week took us to a spot that is billed as one of “America’s Most Beautiful Gardens”, The Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, in Charleston, South Carolina.

The spider shot in my last post is also from this location.

I’ve seen a few shots from other people from here and can say that(although still beautiful) August is probably not the best month to view it’s true beauty. Instead of rambling about it, let me take you on a tour….

Our first stop was the petting zoo…. rescued animals of all types…



Next up was our nature tour with our guide, Dick, a very knowledgeable and comical individual. He brought the plantation to life, often…


A few sights from this beautiful part of the low country…

After the tour we decided to walk around and check out the rest of the site. Gorgeous trees, bridges, marsh, architecture abound…

At this time of year the plantation may not rich in color with blooming flowers and bush but it certainly has enough history and geographical interest to hold anyone’s attention.

I highly recommend a visit to this landmark in North Charleston.

Here’s the website.

Two Is Better Than One…

Still Life

_MG_8020Hope this makes it a great start to your week!

I Guess It’s Finally Here….


SpringFinallyAlthough it was a bit chill here today you get the feeling it’s finally here. It was quite windy at the Manasquan Reservoir but a jacket wasn’t even needed…..Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Decided to Simplify this one…

Well, Is It Finally Here…

Themed 365 Project

Well, Is It Finally Here...

This may even be a summer flower but who cares right? It’s been too long in the cold here in New Jersey and I felt like posting something that has a warm feel to it. Can you feel it?………… sort of!

When Will Spring Arrive….

Still Life

Art PieceWith yet another late winter storm approaching I figured I’d post something that might lift the spirits of weary northeasters. This is one of my personal favorites which was taken, as you can see, back in 2010. One day soon I will have this printed, maybe even to hang on a wall somewhere.

Autumn Abstract….

Black and White


Looking for color this early autumn but ended up with this B+W floral abstract.

Looking forward to shooting at the Kelby photowalk in Princeton tomorrow. Anyone else going?