Have You Been Inspired Lately?

Still Life

For a few weeks I was lacking the inspiration to go shooting. I had that mindset that I’ve been to these places so many times, what the hell am I going to shoot? Nothing but the same….

Well this feeling quickly left me after watching a few posts by Joel Grimes. He was posting about a new endeavor, photographing still life. He showed an amazing grid of flowers. Specifically nine shots of vibrant flowers arranged in a grid. My first reaction was wow! It was gorgeous. A variety of floral arrangements with bright, complimentary backgrounds.

My second reaction was- that’s got to be hard to photograph those “fake” flowers and make them so lifelike. I began to study each arrangement and thought that I might be able to pull it off. It can’t be that expensive to obtain a few flowers, right?

Finally I had to think about my photoshop skills and did I have the ability to pull it off in post? I gave it a shot and now I’m starting a series of fine art still lifes.

Here is one of my first five produced…… I really like it!


I’ve done a bunch of binge watching of photoshop videos on blending and layers and grouping and that has helped quite a bit.

This is available for print in a variety of sizes. Please contact me if your interested in improving the decor in your home. Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, I’m glad I found inspiration in Joel’s creation, thanks Joel!


Autumn Abstract….

Black and White


Looking for color this early autumn but ended up with this B+W floral abstract.

Looking forward to shooting at the Kelby photowalk in Princeton tomorrow. Anyone else going?

Something Completely Different 2…

Themed 365 Project

I can see it’s going to be tough to beat that first artsy post. I went back into the archives for this shot and I’m thinking that this doesn’t quite have that knockout punch as the last one did.I don’t know, what do you think?

From a processing standpoint I did about the same tweaks as the last one except on this I added an adjustment photo filter layer to even out the color cast of the original. I do like the complimentary colors of this piece, something slightly different.

Something Completely Different…

Themed 365 Project


Over the past few weeks I’ve been looking at great floral art pieces from Tammy and Doris so I decided to have a go at it myself. Their work has been quite inspiring and I can only hope to come close to their vision and quality of work.

I’ve recently purchased Topaz Simplify in hopes to be able to present pieces of art that may even be worthy of being hung on someone’s wall. So, as a novice I need your thoughts on this first piece. Is it too 70’s ish, too bright, colorful? I have several versions of this shot so I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

From a processing standpoint I did little processing in Lightroom, exported to Simplify and used the Painting Colorful preset. Lowered the opacity  of the effect in Elements and finished with a matte and drop shadow. Thanks for your thoughts!