10 Ways to Skin a Cat…

Black and White, Coastal Scenes

Being so close to the beach has many advantages. As a photographer I can be assured of interesting shots no matter what time of day, no matter what town I visit.

One of my favorite spots is the surf beach in Manasquan. It’s got so much going on: surfing(of course), boating, and fishing along the jetty.

On this early morning I was intrigued to see this gentleman fishing in such a peculiar fashion. No pole, no reel. Just a spool and some fishing line. Now I didn’t see him catch anything but I’m thinking there might be a struggle to reel in anything of substantial size.

The lighting was just perfect just after sunrise and I just knew these shots screamed for black and white. Lightroom comes through with some great conversions……




Being that we just had our first major snow storm of the season I hope these shots warm your soul.


Wednesday is Opposite Day…

Beach Scenes

So I visited my chiropractor this morning and had a few minutes to take some shot at the beach in Belmar (New Jersey). This has become my go to spot for beach pictures this summer.

Just like most shorelines, Belmar has an inlet to get to the marina where boats of all sizes are moored. An active spot usually, yet on this particular day it was quiet from a boat traffic standpoint. Beach goers, on the other hand, were converging at the waters edge to beat the heat.

These shots are showing opposite sides of the inlet and you can see the action pretty clearly, whether it be sunbathers, fisherman, surfers or just sightseers, like me.



Another scorcher day in store for tomorrow so maybe another trip to Belmar will be needed.

What Lures You…..

Beach Scenes

I’ve always been one who will get up early, whatever the season, whether it be to play golf or grab the camera and head to the beach. The relative calmness of the morning allows me to concentrate on making a putt or composing the shot.

This morning I woke at 4:30am and headed down to the beach, the roads were quiet, the beach was quiet. Just the way I like it.


Not much color this am so I converted this shot to B+W and it sure made it pop with contrast. It’s shots like these that lure me out of bed at ungodly hours. The wife thinks I’m wacked:)

So, what lures you out of bed?

What I’m listening to…

What I’m reading now

52 Week Music Project….Theme: Gone Fishing…

52 Week Theme Project

Party and fishing boats are a big part of the action in Point Pleasant, NJ. You see, every morning and late afternoon you will find many of these boats coming and going into the Manasquan Inlet here at the Jersey Shore.

Last time I went on one of these party boats my buddies and I had a memorable time. I don’t know what was better: the drinking; the fishing or watching one of my friends getting sea sick(from drinking) during the last half of the trip. Classic memories!

_MG_8895 _MG_8896 _MG_8897Taking it head on!

The Catch….


Something simple today. A few days ago I showed you the image of the last guy on the water, well here he is a few minutes earlier with the catch of the day! He was narrating the whole event to a bunch of guys on the dock just out of the picture. It was loud enough for all to hear and quite funny btw.

Had a tough time correcting the white balance on these three shots, for some reason the second and third shots were easier than the first even with syncing in Lightroom.

These are best when clicked on, you will be taken to a nice carousel with larger images.

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Til The End….

HDR, Landscapes

IMG_3027_8_9-EditThis guy was certainly one of the last fishing the reservoir on this day. I also overheard him saying that he’d been in the water since 9am that morning. My calculations put him in that boat for 11 hours. Wow, that’s someone who loves their hobby! I don’t think I’ve even come close to that with my camera, not even in Zion. Now I’m really wondering why I didn’t shoot for that long in that great national park. I may just have to go back and try it.

Have a great weekend!