Just Round The Corner

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During our vacation in South Carolina we all agreed to go on a catamaran to experience the sunset on the Calibogue Sound. We decided on a trip which would leave from the South Beach area of Hilton Head. We were excited to not only go on the cruise but also visit the famous Salty Dog Cafe. It turned out to be a great experience walking around this scenic area and then embarking on the cruise.

In addition to experiencing the southern sunset on the Calibogue Sound I’m really glad I pushed the shutter on this shot. This is a land mass that identifies the entrance to the sound. Not the most compelling shot but one that helps remember a fantastic experience….


So, do you have any photos that remind you of unforgettable family experiences. Would love to see them. Post link in the comment section.

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The Importance of…

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family and friends(both new and old) cannot be underestimated.

My mini vacation gave my wife and I a much needed opportunity to get away from the fantastic weather we are experiencing here in New Jersey but more important was getting together with my brother and our former neighbors. Along the way we met a few new people which made the get-away even more special.

Golf is always on my agenda when going to Sin City. It’s also a great way to spend time with the people most important to me. Our visit to Bears Best was no exception. Other than an a five and a half hour it was a great day: 62 degrees, slight breeze, great location!

The start of our day at Bears Best….


Some sights along the way…

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The views, as you can see, along the way were fantastic and memorable. And even thought it felt like we’d never get there, the final hole gave me the picture perfect ending…


I try to always remember… people first, places second and things last.

Thanks Chris, Bill and Tim for a great day!

More Headshot Work…


If you weren’t able to follow me while I was blogging on my website you wouldn’t know that I’ve delved into a bit of headshot and portrait work. It’s a bit overwhelming to understand the nuances of off camera flash techniques when just starting out.

I do know that I like the so called butterfly lighting in which the light is directly in front of the subject and coming in from above the camera. You can see this light in the upper middle section of my daughters eye.

I had another session with my daughter today utilizing  butterfly lighting and here’s the original of one of the shots…_MG_3614I really like this one after I took it into Perfect Photo Suite 9 (Portrait Module). Maybe a bit much on the eyes now that I look closer but I’m pretty satisfied.

My daughter wanted more of an Istagram look so I went with this look from Nik’s Color Efex Pro 2…

_MG_3614-2I happen to like both versions, how ’bout you? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Valentines Day to you all!

Anything But Little…


Little NYCNew York City is anything but little but I still had to try a tilt-shift effect on this shot.

I feel like this scene lends itself to the effect with it’s straight lines from a vertical and horizontal perspective. Blurring the top and bottom of the shot really helps with the illusion.

What about you? Do you see the effect?

Processing included work in LR, PPS9, PSE10