The Emergence…

Beach Scenes

Over the weekend I met up with a great group of people from On Taking Pictures. We met in Asbury Park, a great location for street photography. One of the events going on on the beach was a triathlon. The first leg of the event was a half mile swim. I positioned myself at the waters edge to get shots like this…..


The back lighting allowed me to get a silhouette of the athletes as the emerged from the Atlantic. The morning sunlight flushed the sensor and underexposed the swimmers creating this great look.

I urge you to take a look at On Taking Pictures if you like photography and the arts. Great guys with informative and entertaining podcasts.


What Lures You…..

Beach Scenes

I’ve always been one who will get up early, whatever the season, whether it be to play golf or grab the camera and head to the beach. The relative calmness of the morning allows me to concentrate on making a putt or composing the shot.

This morning I woke at 4:30am and headed down to the beach, the roads were quiet, the beach was quiet. Just the way I like it.


Not much color this am so I converted this shot to B+W and it sure made it pop with contrast. It’s shots like these that lure me out of bed at ungodly hours. The wife thinks I’m wacked:)

So, what lures you out of bed?

What I’m listening to…

What I’m reading now

I Love Concert Photography…….

Black and White, Concert Photography

_MG_9670There’s something about the environment created during live music events. The sound, the lights, the emotion, the crowd, all that just makes for great photography. These shots were taken recently at a iconic concert venue here in New Jersey.

The Stone Pony has been here in Asbury Park for forty years. It’s hosted events from many of the greats: Springtsteen, The Smithereens, The Ramones and one of my all-time favorites Stevie Ray Vaughn, to name a few. On this night a few local bands took to the stage to open for John Eddie. Shattered Glass, which features a few friends of mine opened the night and certainly warmed up the crowd on this cold night in Jersey.

They were followed by the band pictured below called Garden State Line. All in all it was a great night filled with good tunes and plenty of photos. I’ve got to do more of this type of photography!

All black and whites were created in Lightroom from provided presets!

Now For Something Completely Different….

Black and White, Shots After Dark

_MG_6870-2Messing around in Topaz Adjust with what I believe was a line and ink preset. I actually used this look in an Atlantic City beach shot many moons ago.

Hey, so why not go and experiment a bit. If you have Topaz Adjust pick a favorite night shot and export it to Adjust and show us your line and ink result. Would love to see it. You too might like the look.


Black and White, Landscapes

InspirationI don’t remember exactly where I saw this scene, flickr, etc but it was what inspired me to drive up to Bear Mountain last weekend. As I said in my last few posts, my first stop was the Perkins Observation Tower and the thought was this was the scene I would see from atop the tower. I was disappointed because I saw no such scene from that tower. After taking a few dozen pictures from the area around the tower I had just about given up finding this spot. I got into the car to drive down the mountain and shoot from underneath the bridge when I stumbled across a road that had a sign that said “scenic drive”. Bingo, I found the scene around the next turn of the road.

I gathered all three cameras and my tripod and walked along the cliffs to find the perfect spot. There was so much to see it didn’t really matter where I stood. I got quite a few good shots from this location and decided to post this one first. Hope you like it and maybe it will give you inspiration to go back to a location you haven’t been to in quite some time and take a few shots.