Dealing with Harsh Weather…

Beach Scenes

A week ago I blogged about  my photographic week and many of the shots I posted were a result of some crazy weather we were having and those shots showed how it impacts the beaches here in New Jersey.

I certainly don’t like the devastating results of these storms on the beaches close to my home but it certainly makes for great photography.

Last week a combination of strong winds, high tide and full moon made for some extraordinary surf. Only the best surfers come out in these conditions and I’m glad I caught some of the action.


The waves were big but quite unorganized yet it didn’t stop this pro from work’in it…


I look at some of these shots and try to envision myself atop these masses of water and ultimately I’m glad I’m standing where I am…


Finally, just before I was about to leave, this guy showed up and I got what I think is the “shot of the day”…


With the arrival of a nor’easter today and possibly Hurricane Joaquin a day or so later I hope to be able to photograph more of the harsh weather and show it to you up close and personal….. Stay tuned!


Wednesday is Opposite Day…

Beach Scenes

So I visited my chiropractor this morning and had a few minutes to take some shot at the beach in Belmar (New Jersey). This has become my go to spot for beach pictures this summer.

Just like most shorelines, Belmar has an inlet to get to the marina where boats of all sizes are moored. An active spot usually, yet on this particular day it was quiet from a boat traffic standpoint. Beach goers, on the other hand, were converging at the waters edge to beat the heat.

These shots are showing opposite sides of the inlet and you can see the action pretty clearly, whether it be sunbathers, fisherman, surfers or just sightseers, like me.



Another scorcher day in store for tomorrow so maybe another trip to Belmar will be needed.

Is HDR Photography Dead? (TBT)


I remember when I couldn’t get enough of Trey Ratcliff and his HDR work. In fact, 80-90% of my own work was tone-mapped and my go-to software was Photomatix or Topaz Adjust.

I can’t even remember the last time I visited sites like HDR Creme or HDR Spotting ( I just had to Google it because I couldn’t remember it). It’s not that I don’t like it anymore. I still bracket shots on occasion. I guess I’ve just moved on….

Well, here’s to moving on…… my first tone-mapped image in many moons.


I got up @ 4:30 am  to shoot the sunrise and that was a bust but this was my first capture of the day. Nothing great, bracketed the Belmar Fishing Club building for old time sake. Had to decide which software to use… Topaz, Photomatix or Nik. Went with Nik and now I remember why I liked tone-mapping so much. Look at that sky… Wow!

What about you? Are you over the HDR craze? What was your last tone-mapped shot? Would love to see it. Post a link in the comments section for all to see.

What Lures You…..

Beach Scenes

I’ve always been one who will get up early, whatever the season, whether it be to play golf or grab the camera and head to the beach. The relative calmness of the morning allows me to concentrate on making a putt or composing the shot.

This morning I woke at 4:30am and headed down to the beach, the roads were quiet, the beach was quiet. Just the way I like it.


Not much color this am so I converted this shot to B+W and it sure made it pop with contrast. It’s shots like these that lure me out of bed at ungodly hours. The wife thinks I’m wacked:)

So, what lures you out of bed?

What I’m listening to…

What I’m reading now

When You Start Out with the Blues…

Beach Scenes

I never want to be driving towards a sunrise while looking at a cloudless sky. This was the case last weekend on my way to Belmar, not a cloud to be seen for 95% of the 20 minute drive.

But, you never really know until you turn onto Ocean Ave and have a clear look at the sky over the Atlantic. On this morning the closer I got the more optimistic I got….


The clouds barely moved, staying just south and west of our intended sight line. Luckily, what features the sky presented this morning hung around long enough.


Long enough to allow us to record it’s beauty and the blues.


Until the very last minute…



Black Clipping, Clarity and Cropping in Lightroom

Old Photo, New Software…

Beach Scenes

_MG_6106Going back a few months for this shot but putting a new twist on it with some OnOne software. This OnOne Photo Suite is so comprehensive the learning curve will be steep BUT like any software if you spend a few hours with it the results are impressive.

I wish I could tell you exactly what I did but like most of my processing, I just play until I find something I like. I do know there were 3 or 4 layers with textures and borders and color filters. I should start writing down the steps before I hit the save button to be a bit more helpful to you. But I will always recommend the you sit down and get your hands dirty for awhile and then ask questions. If you have any questions though, please do ask. I love to help!

Stay tuned for more on OnOne Software, I think I’m going to be making this part of my processing workflow with results like this!

Merry Christmas everyone!