Water, Water Everywhere….

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I’m fortunate to live in an area of New Jersey where I have access to several beautiful bodies of water that are conducive to spectacular photographic opportunities. If I don’t want to go to the beach I have the Manasquan Reservoir as a more than formidable location for dramatic sunrise or sunsets.

On many a summer evening I can be seen often glancing over to the western sky looking for a late afternoon storm making it’s way across the state. On this given afternoon I could see the late summer weather pattern getting ready to create something dramatic. I grabbed my gear and made the 7 minute ride to the reservoir to capture the scene below.

Once again, the reservoir did not disappoint……


This shot looks incredible on Canon and Red River photo papers so contact me if you have interest in purchasing this or any other piece of art.

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Spring Has Sprung…..

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…sort of.

Warm on Thursday, freezing on Sunday.

We want it to be here and it’s here,  sort of…

It’s showing all over.

Abstract or not we know what it is.

Just a few weeks and we’ll be in shorts on a regular basis.


Get’em In…

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With the coldest weather imminently upon us the casual boater/fisherman will take any opportunity to get out and enjoy the Atlantic. Boat traffic slows down quite significantly in these parts of the US.

On this past weekend conditions at the beach were just ideal for fisherman and photographers alike.

With the volume of boats leaving the Manasquan Inlet it was just a matter of time before a boat would emerge just as the sun cleared the horizon.

All I needed was my own timing of pressing the shutter as the speeding boat passes in front of the sunrise. Boy, did I get lucky!

Chasing the Sun

I’m not looking forward to the winter months here in New Jersey. Forty degrees, wet and windy are not my ideal outdoor conditions. On a more positive side, I’ve just read an article that suggests weather conditions in the morning and late afternoon are more conducive to dramatic skies in the colder months. I guess I’ll be outside anyway so stay tuned.


Mainly in Lightroom with adjustments to highlights and shadows. Graduated filter applied to the sky and foreground. Finally, a bit of sharpening.

It’s Out There Somewhere, Patience Pays Off….

Landscapes, Weather

AcrossthebaySo I’ve been making a conscious effort to find unique perspective’s to all the iconic landmarks here in New Jersey (see my previous posts regarding this here). I utilize a great program, The Photographers Ephemeris, to track the position of the sun when it rises near the Barnegat Lighthouse. After finding this information I decide to look for a location to shoot this iconic NJ landmark. Low and behold I find a stretch of beach across the Barnegat Bay that might be a “little know vantage point”.

I get up quite early and begin my hour long drive to “my spot”. Well I arrive at my spot to find a layer of thick fog hiding my main subject. In the above picture the lighthouse is only “recognizable” by it’s small light just to the left of the dock. See it? It is there, I guess it’s really doing it’s job quite well, for boaters but not photographers:) It’s a half hour before sunrise so now I realize this is going to be a waiting game in order to get the shot I envisioned. Finally, ten minutes after sunrise the lighthouse becomes visible. Bang, time to get the shot!

HellothereUnfortunately the beacon had been shut off just earlier but there she is, making herself known through the fog. Not quite in all her glory but a respectable showing.

Now I have it in my mind to drive to the light to get a few shots before the fog lifts from a much closer vantage point, I start to pack my stuff, grab my tripod and start my walk back to the car. I stop, turn around to have one last look and this is what I see…..

TheshotMy patience pays off….

A Look Back: Winter 2010…

Landscapes, Weather

This winter has become one of the coldest in recent memory. I had to look back to 2010 to recall a super cold stretch of weather here in New Jersey. I happened to find a series of photos shot in late December 2010 which documents how cold it actually was that winter

The Sandy Hook Bay had frozen to the point in which it produced moderately large sized icebergs. I had not seen chunks of ice like this ever in NJ. I’ve included a series of shots of those icebergs from back in 2010 below. The light was fantastic on this particular morning, hard to take a bad shot that day!

This reminds me, I better go back this week to see the results of this years weather… stay tuned!

Autumn’s Last Stand….

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AutumnSunsetThe colors emerged late this year and with all early bloomers already on the ground it was quite a small window of opportunity to capture it all. With the clocks turned back the opportunities to shoot late in the day are slim and none.

With the winter months quickly approaching I always try to figure out what to photograph. Being mainly a landscape photographer I struggle to get motivated during the cold and dreary winter months here in the northeast. Do you have any ideas for your winter photography? I’d love to hear it, it may spark an idea or two for me as well.