Monster Series Squared….

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I’ve just released the first three prints in the monster truck squared series. These pieces really pop with the light colored background! These will look fantastic in a younger boys room or even a man cave.

Quick ship prints for these trucks is available in sizes of 8×8 and 12×12. They will be available on a wide variety of high quality photo papers such as gloss, luster and semi-gloss.

If you have any questions please leave it in the comments section or FB pm me over on my FB Page .


Have You Been Inspired Lately?

Still Life

For a few weeks I was lacking the inspiration to go shooting. I had that mindset that I’ve been to these places so many times, what the hell am I going to shoot? Nothing but the same….

Well this feeling quickly left me after watching a few posts by Joel Grimes. He was posting about a new endeavor, photographing still life. He showed an amazing grid of flowers. Specifically nine shots of vibrant flowers arranged in a grid. My first reaction was wow! It was gorgeous. A variety of floral arrangements with bright, complimentary backgrounds.

My second reaction was- that’s got to be hard to photograph those “fake” flowers and make them so lifelike. I began to study each arrangement and thought that I might be able to pull it off. It can’t be that expensive to obtain a few flowers, right?

Finally I had to think about my photoshop skills and did I have the ability to pull it off in post? I gave it a shot and now I’m starting a series of fine art still lifes.

Here is one of my first five produced…… I really like it!


I’ve done a bunch of binge watching of photoshop videos on blending and layers and grouping and that has helped quite a bit.

This is available for print in a variety of sizes. Please contact me if your interested in improving the decor in your home. Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, I’m glad I found inspiration in Joel’s creation, thanks Joel!

All Things Nautical…

Still Life

_MG_0614Another of the wonderful ships at Penns Landing in Philadelphia

Meet the Moshulu, a square rigged ship built in 1904 that has literally been all over the world map. Since coming to Philly in 1975 it is regarded as one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia.

This shot was taken just before sun-up which really accentuated the sky in the background. I worked to find the correct color temperature in Lightroom and once I found it the color popped. I may be going back to this location in a few weeks with some fine photographers over at the New Jersey Photographer community on Google+. Check us out.

Whoa Horse, Whoa…

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We had an opportunity to go horseback riding yesterday at Dream Riders stable and for my girls it was their first experience on a horse. My niece Olivia has her horse, Star (first picture), boarded there so she’s definitely experienced and my other niece Nia has ridden a few times so I had to bring the camera to catch a few memories. I even managed to get up on a horse but more on that later.

_MG_7937Star and his proud owners: Olivia and my sister Nancy

After prepping the horses the girls walked their horses to the barn to ride indoors since it was 28 degrees at the beginning of the adventure. Well as we soon found out it was much warmer in the barn, probably 30 degrees!


Here’s Nia and her horse, Boom









And Loriana with Bella








After we all got to the riding barn I set my camera to iso 1000 and partial metering for exposure and then set my focus to AI Focus which turned out to be a big mistake because in most of the shots the girls were coming right towards me and the camera didn’t compensate so I missed a quite a few great shots. Lesson learned! I did manage to get a few keepers which you see below…..

I processed the B+W in Lightroom tweaking the Hi-Contrast Blue filter and it really did the trick! Do you use Lightroom to convert? I use Silver Efex Pro most of the time but in this instance it really processed nicely.

Oh yeah, remember I told you I even got up to ride as well? Well, here ya go…. ‘nough said………..

_MG_8107Go easy now!