Exciting Series Coming Soon…

Personal Project

So I’m finally seeing some significant progress on an idea I’ve had for many months. I’ve been gathering ideas, building an in-home product studio, taking photos, setting up online selling sites among other things.

I also recently added a teaser video on my website, here. But I also thought I’d present one of the first production photos here as well. I’m excited to see where this idea takes me. The possibilities are endless.

So if your in the need of decor for grandson, son or nephews room and are looking for something unique and priced just right. Stay tuned, big things are coming….


Thanks for stopping by and feel free to share the news!!!

More From My Personal Project….

Personal Project

… Cars, Music and Photography.

A hard hitting song from a relatively unknown(to me anyway) musician from Scotland, Paolo Nutini belts out the moving lyrics in the song Iron Sky. I can’t help but relate this song to the political scene here in the US.


The video, from Abbey Road, can be seen here…

Personal Project…. Framed

Personal Project

A last minute addition to my photo shoot included a simple black frame. I visualized our dancers including this simple frame in a series of shots in which the straight lines of the frame would mesh with the curves of individual or group poses.

I asked them to brainstorm some ideas and the result is what you see below…

There are a few more to the series that I will post soon. I’m quite excited about this concept as I believe the creative possibilities are endless and quite simple to execute so stay tuned.