Happy New Year! 2018

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Wow, it’s been awhile! With the new year upon us I ventured over to my blog from many moons ago( Feb 2017 to be exact)…. maybe I’ll give it a whirl at writing and documenting my photography travels. Hope you check back to see where I’m going.

2018... Lets begin the Journey!

Happy New Year!


Just Round The Corner

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During our vacation in South Carolina we all agreed to go on a catamaran to experience the sunset on the Calibogue Sound. We decided on a trip which would leave from the South Beach area of Hilton Head. We were excited to not only go on the cruise but also visit the famous Salty Dog Cafe. It turned out to be a great experience walking around this scenic area and then embarking on the cruise.

In addition to experiencing the southern sunset on the Calibogue Sound I’m really glad I pushed the shutter on this shot. This is a land mass that identifies the entrance to the sound. Not the most compelling shot but one that helps remember a fantastic experience….


So, do you have any photos that remind you of unforgettable family experiences. Would love to see them. Post link in the comment section.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

10 Ways to Skin a Cat…

Black and White, Coastal Scenes

Being so close to the beach has many advantages. As a photographer I can be assured of interesting shots no matter what time of day, no matter what town I visit.

One of my favorite spots is the surf beach in Manasquan. It’s got so much going on: surfing(of course), boating, and fishing along the jetty.

On this early morning I was intrigued to see this gentleman fishing in such a peculiar fashion. No pole, no reel. Just a spool and some fishing line. Now I didn’t see him catch anything but I’m thinking there might be a struggle to reel in anything of substantial size.

The lighting was just perfect just after sunrise and I just knew these shots screamed for black and white. Lightroom comes through with some great conversions……




Being that we just had our first major snow storm of the season I hope these shots warm your soul.

Come On, Get Up and Out!

Beach Scenes, Black and White, Coastal Scenes

Yeah, that’s right… you’re getting an extra hour of darkness in the mornings and with that you can capture some serious sunrises.

A favorite spot of mine, Ocean Grove pier, is a wonderful spot to catch the early morning splendor of the sun breaking the horizon.

On this given morning I was the only soul around. It was calm, quiet and the sound of the ocean breaking near the shore was music to my ears.


Here’s another shot from this morning in black and white…


Well, it would be great to see you out there in the wee hours of the morn but if you decide to stay under the covers…. I’m okay with that too.

Get’em In…

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With the coldest weather imminently upon us the casual boater/fisherman will take any opportunity to get out and enjoy the Atlantic. Boat traffic slows down quite significantly in these parts of the US.

On this past weekend conditions at the beach were just ideal for fisherman and photographers alike.

With the volume of boats leaving the Manasquan Inlet it was just a matter of time before a boat would emerge just as the sun cleared the horizon.

All I needed was my own timing of pressing the shutter as the speeding boat passes in front of the sunrise. Boy, did I get lucky!

Chasing the Sun

I’m not looking forward to the winter months here in New Jersey. Forty degrees, wet and windy are not my ideal outdoor conditions. On a more positive side, I’ve just read an article that suggests weather conditions in the morning and late afternoon are more conducive to dramatic skies in the colder months. I guess I’ll be outside anyway so stay tuned.


Mainly in Lightroom with adjustments to highlights and shadows. Graduated filter applied to the sky and foreground. Finally, a bit of sharpening.

The Only Way to See a Lighthouse…

Coastal Scenes

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to get together with a few very talented photographers from here in New Jersey. They were heading to a lighthouse that I had heard about but never been to. A opportunity that wouldn’t happen too often. I jumped on the invite and took the two hour drive to the mouth of the Maurice River in southern New Jersey.

East Point Light was built back in 1849 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It almost burned down in the early 70’s and was left virtually unattended to for quite a few years. It was just recently acquired by a new group of people and I was fortunate to meet the husband and wife team that day. We were lucky enough to get a first hand tour of the interior and a walk up to the light itself. They have big aspirations for the historic light and I wish them luck, very nice people.

Here’s how it looked after the sun set, angles were not plentiful…


And here’s how the light looked in the late afternoon… showing the exterior from a few different angles…..

A beauty from all those angles for sure.

Due to mature vegetation and a rising tide was wasn’t able to explore the whole area but I did manage to get this shot which might give you the sense of the task of finding the best composition…


If you like lighthouses and are in the area of southern New Jersey don’t miss an opportunity to see the East Point Light. It’s a great spot and the only way to truly enjoy it is to spend a few hours exploring . If you can’t do that just hop over to some of my fellow photographer’s sites and check out their shots…

Jason Gambone… here

Dante Fratto… here

Peter Alessandria… here

Suddenly the sky exploded…

Coastal Scenes

By our second day we started to get acclimated to our surroundings in Hilton Head and decided to take a ride over to another beautiful area of the island called Shelter  Cove.

Shelter Cove is a marina accompanied by shops, eateries, and entertainment. The entertainment came in the form of one man bands and child entertainers. Each at different areas of the marina.

This shot comes as we walked to the far west end of the cove. Boats would come and go from this area of the marina.


The weather, as it was all week,  was hot and very humid. Each day there was a chance of late afternoon thunder showers. Conditions like this are usually favorable to great sunsets.

Patience was the key to this shot, I must have taken a dozen shots of this scene with different perspectives, waiting for the sun to set behind the clouds. We started to head back to the car when my daughter shouted to turn around. Within moments the westerly sky exploded with color!

Here’s a fantastic photographer with a gallery in Charleston.

Chris Botti and John Mayer, great combo, here.