Shooting and Editing for Panoramas…

Panoramas, Series For Sale

Over last few months I’ve decided to compile a portfolio of photos that I think are some of my best shots from a variety of places and reformat each into a panorama image. Some were shot purposely for the ultra-wide format and some were not. I feel like the panorama format gets overlooked in these modern times given the popularity of the 1×1 format of Instagram.

This post is meant to be educational in nature. For photographers I hope it helps you make your learning curve a bit more shallow. And should you have any questions on this genre or techniques please fell free to reach out to me. I will help any way I can.

First up are recent shots from High Point Stadium at Rutgers University(the birthplace of college football, btw). I always love seeing shots of these type stadiums from this perspective. For me the panorama really brings out the magnitude of the size as well as the nuances of each complex.

The first photo is from my smartphone camera set to panorama… Not bad for a 12mp cell phone shot. During the editing stage I mainly adjusted the highlight, whites, and clarity sliders. Vibrance and saturation remained untouched. I printed this on 13×19 paper with my Canon Pixma Pro 100 and that’s where the cell phones deficiencies are quite evident.

Rutgers panoblog

The shot below is a series of brackets with my Olympus OMD EM5 Mkii with a 17mm 1.8 lens . I stitched 3 frames together in Adobe Lightroom to create this panorama. In post I had more emphasis on the vibrance and saturation sliders and having not exposure bracketed I had to decrease the highlights significantly. It brought back the details in the sky, thanks RAW format.

Rutgers panoblog-2

I printed this photo on my  Pro 100 and it produced a fantastic result. Sharp front to back with seamless tones and great color rendition.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. Look out for more on my panorama photos here on the blog and I plan to have many available for print over on my website .

Thanks until next time!

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