Possiblities Are Endless….


I finally decided to upgrade to Photoshop CC after 8 or so years of using Photoshop Elements. I don’t know why I waited so long to do so.

Elements is a great program and usable in every way. But there’s something about the vast array of features in the full version that I feel like the skies the limit. No workarounds, a plethora of how to youtube videos and bam you’ve quickly spent 4 hours on the computer.

This is a shot that I could have accomplished in Elements but for some reason it felt easier in PSCC. Filters, plugins and actions were used to work this simple composite….


As is in many cases the second I feel like I’m finished with a composite there’s ideas that pop in to my head. This is only beginning of endless possibilities with this composite.  So stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Possiblities Are Endless….

  1. I am really getting hooked on PSCC too for the same reasons you just mentioned. I love the gritty details in this image, really nice work!

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