It’s Over…

People, Portraits

… but in a good way!

I crossed another item off my photography bucket list this past weekend when my friend Dave Gardiner and I rented a photography studio for the day. We had been talking about it for quite some time and found a fantastic studio called Salt Studios. It’s in a very “up and coming” town, Asbury Park. It’s a hip town and very artsy. Something to do for everyone!

We had the studio to ourselves for the whole day and boy did we need it. We had a total of 11 models, quite a few of which were dance majors at a local college. They and all the models made the experience a day to remember.

With that many subjects we needed a large studio and at Salt we had access to essentially 3 shooting areas. A large white sweep, and two other areas that feature brick backgrounds and an overall industrial look. Perfect for shooting a variety of looks.

In this series I photographed Christina with a dark background and gelled it to match the jewelry she was modeling….

The only problem I had with these was I could not figure out why the softbox on my left was not firing. Without it I was getting that shadow to the left of her nose and it was driving me crazy. Duh, after twenty minutes I realized my batteries in that flash were over-heating and not flashing. This was hour seven of the shoot and I’ll have to admit I was hungry and tired…. not thinking clearly. I still like the result.

Stay tuned more to come! And thanks for looking!


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