It Ain’t Easy Follow-Up…

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So I’ve had a chance to process a few other shots from my outing on Monday so I thought I’d post them and add a few more thoughts….

I had more keepers than I originally thought. If you remember, in my last post, I was complaining about the difficulty of establishing proper focus in such low light. Well I guess my camera was better than I thought. Focus was spot on on many of the shots. Just like the one you see below….


Proper color temperature isn’t necessarily necessary. (Can a writer say that?) The warm tones in the image compliment Loriana’s hair, eyes and jacket. I decided to use it as an integral component of the series. I think it works.

Finally, I’ve been working on frequency separation in Photoshop to smooth out the skin yet retain it’s texture. Thanks to the people over at Elements Village FB group for encouraging me to go for Photoshop CC. Glad I did!


I have a few more to process from the series so stay tuned for an update over the weekend since snowmageddan is approaching:)

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