My Journey Continues…

Headshot, People, Portraits

…into the photographic world of portraiture.

I’m continuing my quest to become proficient at the skill of off camera flash and in this session I utilized two speedlights. The first in the form of a beauty dish(key light) and a secondary flash used as a rim light. The beauty dish was positioned directly over my camera and the rim light, with attached flash bender, in back of my niece to separate her from my background.

The sooc result is seen here….


In assessing the shot I first look at what I like about the shot…

  1. Color temperature is almost spot on.
  2. The power of the key light is producing an exposure exactly how I envisioned it.
  3. The rim light strength is perfect.
  4. Body and head positioning is good.
  5. And I love how she is interacting with the camera.

I then look at what I want to correct inside Lightroom and Photoshop…

  1. The position of the beauty dish was aimed too high on her head an overexposed her forehead and hair.
  2. The shot, as a whole, is slightly over exposed.
  3. I want the shot to be slightly warmer.
  4.  Retouching of the skin to remove imperfections with frequency separation.
  5. Some dodging and burning to add some depth.

Here is the result…


As 2016 rolls on I will continue to update you on my progress into the world of portraiture. In a few weeks I will be renting a studio(for a day) to practice my skills in a professional environment. I’m a bit nervous about it but excited as well. Stay tuned!


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