My NYC Workflow…


I loved this scene the second that I stood in the middle the street. There was quite a bit going on here and I wanted to capture the hustle and bustle of New York City during the holiday season.

In the unprocessed shot there’s chaos… cars, people, lights, buildings, signage and some sky. The problem, no real focal point…


I set out to create a photo that contains the individual elements of the scene but directs the viewer to a more concrete subject. Can you guess the main subject of the shot?

I’ll take you through my workflow as concise as possible. I used quite a few pieces of software in my quest to bring out the main subject in the scene…

1. I dropped 3 bracketed shots into Photomatix and then into Color Efex Pro and got this…


2. I worked it some more in Analog Efex Pro 2 adding  zoom bokeh and got this…


3. Finally, I worked it a bit more in LR and then added a painterly effect in Topaz Impression and ended with this… if you click below the preview and it will take you to a bigger, high quality image on my website.

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