What’s your Background?

Post Processing, Workflow

So, I’ve been experimenting with OnOne’s Photo 10 lately and am really enjoying many parts of the program.

In this post I’ll show you a before and after of a background I replaced using a background that came effects.

You may know that I’ve been dabbling in some portrait photography lately and without much in the name of studio equipment Photo 10 comes in quite handy when I want to be a bit more creative.

In the below photo I’ve used my new 22 inch beauty dish to light my daughter and I like the result except for the boring background.


After a bit of work in Perfect Portrait to clean up her skin I jumped over to insert a textured background to liven up the setting. I was lucky enough to come across a background that matched almost identical to her skin and hair.

After masking out her hair and face I’m left with this result. One I am quite happy with…


I applied the effect and quickly brought the photo back into lightroom to use the radial filter to add a vignette.

One would never know I shot in such a boring background. Thanks OnOne!

If your interested in a free 60 day trail of the software please head over to the good folks @ OnOne and download the software here. You’ll be glad you did!



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