Get’em In…

Coastal Scenes, Nature, Weather

With the coldest weather imminently upon us the casual boater/fisherman will take any opportunity to get out and enjoy the Atlantic. Boat traffic slows down quite significantly in these parts of the US.

On this past weekend conditions at the beach were just ideal for fisherman and photographers alike.

With the volume of boats leaving the Manasquan Inlet it was just a matter of time before a boat would emerge just as the sun cleared the horizon.

All I needed was my own timing of pressing the shutter as the speeding boat passes in front of the sunrise. Boy, did I get lucky!

Chasing the Sun

I’m not looking forward to the winter months here in New Jersey. Forty degrees, wet and windy are not my ideal outdoor conditions. On a more positive side, I’ve just read an article that suggests weather conditions in the morning and late afternoon are more conducive to dramatic skies in the colder months. I guess I’ll be outside anyway so stay tuned.


Mainly in Lightroom with adjustments to highlights and shadows. Graduated filter applied to the sky and foreground. Finally, a bit of sharpening.

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