The Only Way to See a Lighthouse…

Coastal Scenes

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to get together with a few very talented photographers from here in New Jersey. They were heading to a lighthouse that I had heard about but never been to. A opportunity that wouldn’t happen too often. I jumped on the invite and took the two hour drive to the mouth of the Maurice River in southern New Jersey.

East Point Light was built back in 1849 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It almost burned down in the early 70’s and was left virtually unattended to for quite a few years. It was just recently acquired by a new group of people and I was fortunate to meet the husband and wife team that day. We were lucky enough to get a first hand tour of the interior and a walk up to the light itself. They have big aspirations for the historic light and I wish them luck, very nice people.

Here’s how it looked after the sun set, angles were not plentiful…


And here’s how the light looked in the late afternoon… showing the exterior from a few different angles…..

A beauty from all those angles for sure.

Due to mature vegetation and a rising tide was wasn’t able to explore the whole area but I did manage to get this shot which might give you the sense of the task of finding the best composition…


If you like lighthouses and are in the area of southern New Jersey don’t miss an opportunity to see the East Point Light. It’s a great spot and the only way to truly enjoy it is to spend a few hours exploring . If you can’t do that just hop over to some of my fellow photographer’s sites and check out their shots…

Jason Gambone… here

Dante Fratto… here

Peter Alessandria… here


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