I’m Reminded of….

Beach Scenes

…a song by Dire Straits (Down by the Waterline) and I thought it was from the 80’s, but after researching it, apparently the song debuted in 1978. Boy, I guess I’m getting older:)

This is literally from the Atlantic Ocean waterline in Manasquan, New Jersey. The sunrise was just so so but I always remember to just turn around and look at the other side of things and BANG, there was the shot.

I shot this at 17mm on a 10 second delay so as to not see my shadow on the sand. As the processing went, I decided to crop out most of the sand which eliminated any of the foreground. I then went into Analog Efex Pro 2 and loved what the classic camera preset did to the sky.


I suggest clicking on the shot for a larger view.

Here’s the song, BTW…. remember it?


7 thoughts on “I’m Reminded of….

  1. I’m loving this shot, Mike. Must say I have Analog Efex Pro and had totally forgotten about it. I think I should dust it off again. 😉

    And yes, I do remember this song…and a bunch of other Dire Straits tunes. Going back down memory lane now!

    1. When I have a shot and like something about it, yet it’s not great, I usually experiment in that software and the results are usually better. Thanks for the look Julie!

      1. I’ve just done a photo using Analog Efex and really liked the look. I’m popping it onto my blog in a minute. Anyway, I’m glad you spurred me to take another look at that app.

      2. Which shot is it Julie? Interested in seeing it!

        On Sat, Aug 22, 2015 at 10:29 AM, Blogging by Attanasio Imagery wrote:


  2. I love how an about turn shot pays off on occasions. The slight graininess of the upper sky seems fitting with the misty clouds. The buildings seem extra white for an early morning shot, I expected some pink or orange tint, did the Analog Efex Pro involve a high pass filter or some such device Mike?

  3. They were more golden in the original Ron, the classic camera filter pushed the color temp to the cold side and there you have it!

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