Welcome to My Crib…


We had a wonderful guide during our nature tour of The Magnolia Plantation in North Charleston. He made what could have been (at times) a boring tour quite interesting and comical.

He seemed to be always on the lookout for exciting wildlife(that’s what we were there for right?), natural phenomenons and anything that could support or enhance his quip at the time.

Towards the end of our 45 minute tour he slammed on the brakes(which always gets your attention) to show us something that initially appeared invisible. I got off the tram and walked hesitantly towards him. As I got closer I still couldn’t see the subject. He directed me to a spot that the sun would help the untrained eye see the subject much clearly…. BAM, there it was, the largest spider I’ve ever seen!


He said it wasn’t venomous (only the Black Widow and Brown Recluse are)… I won’t challenge him on it and certainly wouldn’t want to walk in to this mammoth web.

The plantation is an amazing place. The low country is a place where creatures of all shapes and size exist and our guide reminded us that, this is their home, we are just visiting.


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