Suddenly the sky exploded…

Coastal Scenes

By our second day we started to get acclimated to our surroundings in Hilton Head and decided to take a ride over to another beautiful area of the island called Shelter  Cove.

Shelter Cove is a marina accompanied by shops, eateries, and entertainment. The entertainment came in the form of one man bands and child entertainers. Each at different areas of the marina.

This shot comes as we walked to the far west end of the cove. Boats would come and go from this area of the marina.


The weather, as it was all week,  was hot and very humid. Each day there was a chance of late afternoon thunder showers. Conditions like this are usually favorable to great sunsets.

Patience was the key to this shot, I must have taken a dozen shots of this scene with different perspectives, waiting for the sun to set behind the clouds. We started to head back to the car when my daughter shouted to turn around. Within moments the westerly sky exploded with color!

Here’s a fantastic photographer with a gallery in Charleston.

Chris Botti and John Mayer, great combo, here.


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