Seeing Stars……… And Stripes…

Beach Scenes

So we’re out sailing the Calibogue Sound on our Catamaran when we see this fast approaching vessel off our starboard side. It’s listing pretty severely to one side and traveling at a high rate of speed. I can see the passengers holding on for what it appears to be, dear life.

A day earlier I learned that one of the racing yachts commissioned by Dennis Connor (America’s Cup fame), the Stars and Stripes (remember it?) is moored at the Harbourtown Marina and can be reserved for sunset sailing.


Now the sound was fairly rough from a southerly wind. We begin jibbing and I see the Stars and Stripes tacking towards the open ocean. It begins to list and moves past us at a high rate of speed. I’m thinking… I want to be on there.


After my quick experience yesterday I can understand a captain or deckmates obsession with the art of sailing. The planning, preparation and execution of such an endevour could easily take over a lover of the open seas.

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