Scenes From Washington Square Park…

Street Photography

A reader commented a few posts ago about photographing strangers in public places and the possible dangers associated with it. I understood his concern but I’ve also come to believe most people don’t mind having their picture taken when the photographer has the correct approach.

In the following shots I was strolling around Washington Square Park in lower Manhattan. If you’ve ever been there you know it’s a great place to people watch. And believe it or not, many of the people here actually want to be photographed and if I wasn’t sure I’d just give them a friendly nod with the camera and they either posed or not…

With so much action in and around the park even a big guy like myself can go unnoticed when maneuvering correctly. I managed to get these final shots on the down low and are my favorite of the bunch…



So, I propose a assignment for all my readers. Go out this week to a gathering place in your neck of the woods and snap a gaggle of photos of the people there and try to take at least one shot of someone you had to ask. I would love to see your results and read about your experiences.


3 thoughts on “Scenes From Washington Square Park…

  1. Great Shots Mike but you are about to find out that the greatest danger is in the Home, when your wife sees that you posted two shots of the same girl! and the pages are the same!!! I warned You! LoL

  2. These are wonderful shots, Mike.

    My feelings about street photography are pretty mixed and I know that shooting strangers is definitely not for me!

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