A Guys Gotta Eat You Know…

Beach Scenes

So, the Capt. Gavin has been sitting on the beach in Point Pleasant, New Jersey for 3 days now and the captain has been on the boat since it’s fateful beaching on Wednesday morning.

When I was there on Wednesday afternoon one of the deckhands that was allowed to disembark from the boat delivered some food for the captain.

At first I was baffled as to how this food would find it’s way on deck considering the boat was being constantly battered by 6 to 8 foot waves, low and behold the captain presented a ingenious idea….


After watching a few of these fishing reality shows on television I should of had no doubt that a very basic idea could solve the problem presented..

My understanding is that the boat will be pulled off the beach tomorrow after all the fuel is jettisoned and the next high tide allows a tug boat to do it’s thing.

A great video showing the event can be found here.

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