I Woke Up this Morning and Found…

Beach Scenes, Black and White

…out that a fishing boat had ran aground in Point Pleasant.

After my daughters softball game I decided to take the short ride to see if the boat had been removed from the beach. It had not so I battled the weather to get a few shots…


At 77ft long this ship was a pretty imposing site wedged at the edge of the shoreline being battered by the storm force winds.

I had a shot in my mind and was wondering of the weather was going to allow me to take a long exposure without the Capt. Gavin moving. As a safeguard I took two shots, one with a fast shutter speed to catch the boat motionless and then a second with my 6 stop ND filter to get the milky look of the water. Surprisingly, even at fifteen seconds the boat was pretty still…


Apparently the boat lost power at 5am this morning and headed towards the beach. No one was injured amongst the 3 on-board. Spoke with a deck hand during my visit and witnessed him bringing food to the crew still on board. More on that later…


Converted to B+W in LR, added contrast in Color Efex Pro and vignette in LR as well.


2 thoughts on “I Woke Up this Morning and Found…

  1. Loving the mood that you created in that first image!!! I think you need a bigger house for more wall space…yet another framer!

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