From Under The Over…


Got out today for an extended shoot today with my good pal Dave Gardiner and we covered a rather large area of the Jersey Shore. More specifically, South to Belmar and then north to Sandy Hook. A good trek on a rather cold day.

This shot was from under the bridge where Highlands and the entrance to Sandy Hook meet. A pretty cool location with diverse shooting opportunities.


I wanted to present a picture which would show intensity of the cold wind this morning. The temp was approx. 36 with 20-30mph winds. Tough on any exposed skin. I’m totally done with this weather!


Export single shot to Elements, process in Topaz Adjust to accentuate the clouds on the right, mask out the effect on the rest of the scene, export to Analog Efex Pro 2 for blue color cast, back into Elements to burn sections of the overpass and then back into Lightroom for sharpening and crop.


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