The Burn…

Beach Scenes

I’m looking forward to the feeling of a warm sun on my face.

I can almost feel the heat coming off this shot. You too???

Aug 07 2009 030-2-2-2

Anxiously awaiting my new softbox to continue my portrait  and head shot work. Probably just in time to go outside and shoot. Better late than never I guess….


Exported to Topaz Impression, dodged parts of the boat, burned most of the sand, added a bit of saturation.


7 thoughts on “The Burn…

      1. I checked last night and in Birdsville it actually got to 46.79 degree Celcius. Last I was there it only reached 43 and that drove me into the Pub (along with everyone else)(about 70 people in total)

  1. Gorgeous colors, Mike. And I like the way the boat is just barely seen in the early light. Also, have fun with the softbox. 🙂

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