How Do You Get People to a Fishing Flea Market…..

Architecture, Local History


Of course…. you lure them in!

The convention hall in Asbury Park has hosted many big names in the music business since the late 50’s. The Stones, Black Sabbath, The Beach Boys, and most recently has been associated with Bruce Springsteen for many years. I also just learned that Led Zeppelin played here after rejecting an offer to play Woodstock. Certainly a big name in the music world for a long time!

Well, on this day, a fishing flea market was the big draw and they were lined up 50 deep to get in off to the right of this shot.

Different strokes for different folks I guess.


Single shot exported to Topaz Adjust and I utilized one of the HDR presets to bring out the details in the shadows. Imported back into LR and used 2 graduated brushes to “burn” the right and left edges.


6 thoughts on “How Do You Get People to a Fishing Flea Market…..

  1. I like how the burning really brightened up the center of the image…need to remember that! Great clarity and details too! I think I would rather line up for a concert.

    We had tickets for Nickleback last week, but one of them had a family emergency so now the concert is pushed back til August ughhhhh

    1. Nickelback, one of the few talented bands over the last few years that I actually like! I’ve learned that the brighter aspects of a photo is what the eyes are attracted to…or so they say. Thanks for the comment Tammy.

  2. You should try trawling for new jokes too Mike, I got that confused with Haight-Ashbury where other Fishy stuff could be procured? Super Depth.

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