Minions at Your Disposal…. What A Life!

Themed 365 Project

So how else is one to make shoveling snow a bit more fun?

By shooting a time-lapse of course! After looking at the shots I’ve decided to put together a composite instead. The processing workflow is detailed below…


  1. Exported 9 of my preferred shots to PSE.
  2. Layered and masked each shot starting with the exposure with me relaxing in the chair.
  3. Cropped the photo to the current dimensions.
  4. After completing the composite I decided to export the merged layer into Topaz Impression and finally decided on the Oil Painting by Jim LaSala preset.
  5. Imported back into LR and made final adjustments to whites, blacks, clarity and color temperature.
  6. Export with preset for wordpress blog.

All in all it took about 30 minutes to complete the composite. Not bad I say!


2 thoughts on “Minions at Your Disposal…. What A Life!

  1. I wish we had all that help when shoveling our driveway! 🙂 Could you please send a few my way! 🙂 Love this…too fun!

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