The Whole Enchilada… Cars, Music, Photography Project


So I started this project one afternoon after realizing that I have this process I go through just before leaving my car to go shooting. It involves my car, my music and my photography equipment. You know… getting all your stuff ready so that when your in the middle of the woods or some other place you don’t say, “oh Sh*t”, I forgot this or that.

Anyway, I got this idea to photograph the front of my cell phone with my “music of that moment” sort of thing.

Here’s my latest entry, I forgot how much I like this song….


So I have to tell you that that whole reflection thing…. I didn’t even notice till I looked at the shots in Lightroom. Kind of cool through, no?

My processing work flow looked like this:

  1. Download and white-balance adjustments in Lightroom
  2. Choose 3 bracketed images and export to HDR Efex Pro 2
  3. Back into Lightroom for a few adjustments and then export into Perfect  Photo Suite 9
  4. In Perfect Layers I worked on cutting out a boring, cloudless sky. This program is top-notch completing this task! And then add a new sky layer to take it’s place.
  5. Then over to Perfect Effects to add a few filters to give it a new look.
  6. Back into LR to add a few grad filters, some dodging and burning and radial filtered vignettes.

Are there any Keb Mo fans out there? I have to admit I don’t know much about him other then this song and his appearance on Live From Daryl’s House but nonetheless I will investigate him further.

So, there you have it. The story behind the project and the story behind my processing and the story behind some of my musical preferences.

The whole enchilada….Oh, that’s bad.


Keb Mo’s song… The Whole Enchilada, here.

Keb Mo, Live From Daryl’s House, here

One thought on “The Whole Enchilada… Cars, Music, Photography Project

  1. As always thanks for sharing your processing secrets! This turned out really cool…would make a cool CD cover! I have never heard of this band, but heading over to itunes to check them out! Nothing like getting processing tips and a new band to try out! 🙂 Thanks!

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