More Headshot Work…


If you weren’t able to follow me while I was blogging on my website you wouldn’t know that I’ve delved into a bit of headshot and portrait work. It’s a bit overwhelming to understand the nuances of off camera flash techniques when just starting out.

I do know that I like the so called butterfly lighting in which the light is directly in front of the subject and coming in from above the camera. You can see this light in the upper middle section of my daughters eye.

I had another session with my daughter today utilizing  butterfly lighting and here’s the original of one of the shots…_MG_3614I really like this one after I took it into Perfect Photo Suite 9 (Portrait Module). Maybe a bit much on the eyes now that I look closer but I’m pretty satisfied.

My daughter wanted more of an Istagram look so I went with this look from Nik’s Color Efex Pro 2…

_MG_3614-2I happen to like both versions, how ’bout you? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Valentines Day to you all!


6 thoughts on “More Headshot Work…

  1. I love the first natural image! I have not played around with lighting at all…you are inspiring me to try something new again! 🙂

  2. I love the first, but how do you get a butterfly to sit still long enough to light your daughters face? That wolf looks like he is ready to tear you to pieces.

  3. What’s you’re lighting gear? I haven’t delved past a single flash in a Photoflex soft box. Actually, rather continuous lighting more. If it’s good enough for movies, it’s often good enough for me. Sometimes I like to see those catch-lights in the eyes, sometimes not. Last year, someone (can’t remember the photographer) shot a number of headshots of men for a multi-page spread. His beauty dish is seen in the eyes in every shot. After the first few, it annoyed me. But that’s me! Also, have to chuckle that your daughter wanted “more of an Instagram” look. I sometimes process a photo and think “Ugh, looks like Instagram” and ditch it.

    1. Mark….. single off camera flash with a shoot through umbrella. I do agree with you on the beauty dish catch light, can be distracting. I’m looking to expand into a softbox in the next few months.
      I do have to admit, I do like a few of the Instagram filters though!

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