Anything But Little…


Little NYCNew York City is anything but little but I still had to try a tilt-shift effect on this shot.

I feel like this scene lends itself to the effect with it’s straight lines from a vertical and horizontal perspective. Blurring the top and bottom of the shot really helps with the illusion.

What about you? Do you see the effect?

Processing included work in LR, PPS9, PSE10


7 thoughts on “Anything But Little…

  1. Perfect picture for this technique…love how it shows off the colors and lines! Love the miniature look of the city! Nice work!

  2. From the Highline, right? I see the effect, and have used it in PS a few times myself. I actually really like it for portraits too, My little Canon S110 PnS has that effect built in, which I use a lot. Like you say, another tool (without the cost of T/S lens!)

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