Always Remember: Memorial Day 2014


Memorial Day Tribute-2A tribute to all those that have committed to defending our great country.

Quite a long time ago my online photographer friend Julie reached out to me to offer a copy of the OnOne software suite, Perfect Photo Suite and believe it or not this is my first creation using the program. Yes it took me quite a long time to actually do some in depth processing with this magnificent set of programs.  This composite was made possible by OnOne’s simple and efficient program Perfect Mask 8. I couldn’t be more happy with the results and am looking forward to using this software in the future. Thanks Julie!

Just an FYI, I will eventually transfer this post to my new blog over on SmugMug, hope you stop by…..


16 thoughts on “Always Remember: Memorial Day 2014

  1. I checked out the new blog Mike, but it doesn’t appear to have an RSS feed with it, so I can’t follow it from WordPress. Is that something you have to enable? I think I follow other Smug Mug blogs through WP.

    1. Andy, I’m learning smugmug very slowly… there seems to be a few problems with my posts… will keep you informed and as always thanks for your comments.

      1. Andy, there is a setting in smugmug that allows rss follows and it’s checked yes so I’m not sure why? Proper url?

      1. Yes, I know Ron… it only takes one time to log in with your google + account and then you can comment. No spam no noth’in to do that…..

  2. Very nice tribute. I’m glad you like what you see in the Perfect Photo Suite. Hope it’ll find its way into your workflow more now that you’ve had a chance to see what it can do. Have fun! 🙂

      1. That’s nice of you, Mike. I’m trying to balance my time better so that I’m not sitting in front of the computer as much. And photography isn’t a daily thing for me anymore either. Balance…….it’s all about balance. 🙂

        I like the way your Smugmug site looks. Once you switch entirely to Smugmug for your blog, will you still cross post to G+? The reason I’m asking is that I’ve stopped commenting on Smugmug sites ever since they changed so that commenters have to be Smugmug users or comment using their Facebook ID. Oh, also – I couldn’t add your Smugmug feed to my reader either.

      2. Yeah I know that’s a problem with smugmug so I’m treading slowly with the full integration…. I will always post to G+ at this point, really like their services! Thanks!

  3. Regarding the Smugmug comments: I noticed your reply to Ron. It sounds like commenters can use G+ credentials to login rather than Facebook or Smugmug? That might work for me.

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