Wow… It’s Been A While….


Battery GunnisonMore than 40 days to be exact. Spring has always been an extremely busy time of year in our household. Both daughters play softball and on any given week there might be 7-8 games to be seen. Yes, I get to as many as I can because I really enjoy watching them excel at their perspective positions and grow into not only very good athletes but outstanding young ladies. (Did I just say that?) Yes, ladies.

My oldest is a senior in high school and after a rather long and contentious decision making process has chosen to attend The College of New Jersey. A small to medium sized state school with a strong reputation for academic excellence. All her hard work in high school paid big dividends to get accepted at TCNJ.

My younger daughter is in 8th grade and is on 2 softball teams this spring which, at times, means 2 games in a day. Bringing us home many times after 8 at night. Long days but love it anyway.

With all this action it’s left me with little time to contribute to this blog. I can be followed over on Facebook where I post quickies throughout the week. And then there’s Google+ where I post mostly through a group of photographers from here in New Jersey. That group can be found here. In fact, the picture above was a shot from yesterday while out shooting with a member of that group, Dave Gardiner. It was the first time I’ve been out to shoot in over a month, felt like forever. Well, I can’t promise an increase in posting for another few weeks but, as always, thanks for peeking in on my piece of the world and although I’ve not been commenting much on your blogs I am lurking and enjoying your spring photos.

4 thoughts on “Wow… It’s Been A While….

  1. Well, glad it’s just family stuff and nothing else. I was starting to wonder/worry if it was something more serious. (isn’t social media odd like that – we become attuned to seeing posts or Tweets from our online friends. Then, if they stop posting for a while, concern sets in – at least for me.) Anyway, good to know all is well. And congrats on the kids growin’ up…

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