Very Welcoming…..


_MG_0885_6_7_tonemapped2-2We made a conscious effort to visit a few of the beautiful, old churches in the historic section of Philadelphia during our “Sip and Click” photowalk last weekend. I was quite surprised at the welcomes we got at each church we stopped in. Taking pictures was encouraged at each place. During the latter part of our walk I spotted this church purely by chance as the entrance looked nothing like a traditional house of worship. I saw the sign (can’t remember the name) but I tried the door and low and behold it was open. We walked inside and find not a soul in sight. We quickly went into shooting mode. Setting up tripods, looking for distinct features and details, unique perspectives, etc. I had no tripod but decided to set my camera atop my backpack to get this shot. It was fairly dark inside and knew this was the only way to “get the shot”. The result is above, not perfect but acceptable for you the viewer to get a look.

Philadelphia is a fantastic place, old and full of history. The weather wasn’t great for those iconic shots but overall we had a great time. Stopping in a few of the finer “establishments” for some thirst quenching beverages including a Thomas Jefferson inspired (really) ale at the City Tavern that was very good. We hope to do another “Sip and Click” photowalk soon in the City of Brotherly Love.

On another note, I’m looking forward to judging photos over at Elements Village next week. If you’ve never stopped over there I highly recommend it if you want to learn more about Photoshop Elements; see fantastic images and meet nice people. Check them out here.

6 thoughts on “Very Welcoming…..

  1. Sip and click/very cool photo walk! You are too humble thinking this photo is just acceptable this is spectacular! Were you using a wide angle lens?

  2. Glad you ventured into this space. Simply but effectively decorated…I love the ceiling with the starry night. I,too, am a fan of your lower vantage point.

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