All Things Nautical…

Still Life

_MG_0614Another of the wonderful ships at Penns Landing in Philadelphia

Meet the Moshulu, a square rigged ship built in 1904 that has literally been all over the world map. Since coming to Philly in 1975 it is regarded as one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia.

This shot was taken just before sun-up which really accentuated the sky in the background. I worked to find the correct color temperature in Lightroom and once I found it the color popped. I may be going back to this location in a few weeks with some fine photographers over at the New Jersey Photographer community on Google+. Check us out.


8 thoughts on “All Things Nautical…

  1. I think it a travesty that it no longer sails. From a photography POV is there somewhere just behind where you were standing where you can get up HIGH so as to chop the jetties out of the shot. I really like the angle and would hate to lose that!

  2. Around the world nothing! It was also in The Godfather 2! (as the ship that brings young Vito Corleone to America.) 🙂 I always wanted to eat there.

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