Of Heath And Heather….

Beach Scenes

Heath and HeatherAs beautiful and prominent as the Barnegat Lighthouse is sometimes the little details can steal the show.

With iconic subjects like Old Barney it’s difficult to find a unique composition, one that you haven’t seen before. So, as I walked around looking for that never seen before shot I kept coming back to this spot behind the visitors center. I wasn’t sure if it was technically a dune, one not to encroach upon, but after a few seconds of thought I decided to take a walk in. Immediately I was surround by some of my favorite plants. Now I’m not sure if it’s heath or heather but I know I liked it.  After composing in a few different areas I decided on this spot and I’m glad I did. I think the foreground element is interesting enough to challenge the lighthouse as the main subject, a bit of tension if you will.

So what do you think?  Is the lighthouse still the main subject or does the foreground steal the show.

For processing I worked mainly on the details with adjustments to the clarity slider and then utilized Topaz Simplify for the rest. I know I know counter-intuitive but just a dab of Simpify worked on selective areas…..


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